Thursday, December 27, 2012

Early Christmas In Texas

We made a trip in mid-December to celebrate an early Christmas with my sister Joyce and her family. Todd and I flew from San Diego, while my dad flew from LA.

We spent 3 days together and it was such precious time together. I don’t get to see my sister Joyce very often because they live in Texas. The boys, Xander and Andrew, have grown so much since we last saw them at Thanksgiving of 2011.

Joyce and Alex.

On Thursday 12/13 we did some last minute shopping and wrapped all the gifts we brought with us and the ones we purchased there.

One thing that made a big impression on me is how much land there is in Texas. We went to Target in the heart of the Christmas shopping season and the parking lot was almost empty! Our local Target in San Diego is crowded even not at Christmas time. Sometimes it’s hard to find parking even during any weekday. Todd and I stay far away from Target in San Diego between Thanksgiving and New Years. Just trying to find parking is a frustrating experience. I’m jealous of the wide open parking lots in Texas! :)


On Friday evening we drove to Frisco City Hall to see their light show set to music on the radio. It was really awesome! My sister’s minivan fit all seven of us.



Me, Alex, and Andrew goofing off.

Andrew is becoming quite a ham for the camera.

We opened our gifts to each other Friday night. Andrew loved to see what everyone got.

Uncle Todd got a book.

Andrew and Joyce smiling at our photo card.

A boy who gets Star Wars toys is an excited boy!

We gave Alex the Madden 2013 football game. It’s been a 15 year tradition for Todd and Alex to play the game together every time they see each other, whether at our house or theirs.

Grandpa got a travel pillow.

And some eye shades, ha ha!

Todd got a Star Wars computer game and Andrew was excited for him.

Andrew loved being in the middle of everyone opening their gifts. :)

On Saturday night, Todd and Alex went to see The Hobbit, while Joyce and I stayed home and watched a couple of cheesy Christmas movies on Lifetime. I loved spending time with my sister and her family. I wish that we lived closer to each other so we could get together more often.


  1. I'm still around reading all your posts, just wanted to pop in to say Merry Christmas!

  2. Great night pictures. Love the picture of your Dad. What a good sport. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  3. Love the picture with your dad and s travel gifts. Family time is so much fun.


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