Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holiday Blogging

Oh my goodness. I’ve been down for the count with a sinus infection since this past Wednesday. On Wednesday I had a a huge sinus pressure headache, along with severe nausea. I left work and went straight to urgent care. And just as I had suspected, I got another sinus infection. My first one this year, but my 3rd one these past two years. I got my meds and came home to rest. I was nauseous for two days and hardly ate anything. Couldn’t work or do anything on the computer. By Saturday I was finally feeling better. I’m still not 100%. I feel bad because now I’m so behind on work and personal things. Sigh.

This month I am blogging fun holiday posts here at Listgirl of course, but also at One Little Bird, Write.Click.Scrapbook., and The Lilypad.

Last week I blogged a guest post at One Little Bird with a free printable patterned tape download.
Be sure to stop by Peppermint’s blog and read all about the DIY printable patterned tape that you can use for gift wrapping! I will also be guest blogging over there this Friday with another printable download, so be sure to stop by again. It’s a One Little Bird Christmas over there! It’ll be a month full of holiday blogging, challenges, and goodies by the One Little Bird creative team.

This Wednesday I’ll have my first blog post up at Write.Click.Scrapbook. It’s a fun holiday craft post and I’ll link up to it when it goes live!

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