Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Anthology | Bela Fleck & The Original Flecktones

Todd has been a big fan of jazz banjo player Bela Fleck for a long time.  We saw him and his band in 2004.  So when Todd found out that Bela Fleck & The Original Flecktones were in concert at Anthology on March 14th, he got tickets right away! 

We left work a little bit early so that we could eat dinner and drive downtown.  We got to Anthology early, like 6:45, so we got our choice of tables. 


The waiter kept trying to upsell us a meal, but we had already eaten dinner before we got there.  We settled on only getting some grilled sausages with mustard.  They were Spanish Churrizo and Spicy Italian sausage, with regular and dijon mustard (with the mustard seeds in them).  The sauerkraut was more like "saltykraut", it was SO salty!  Yuck!  But the sausages were good. 

The concert was very fun.  I really enjoyed the music, although I wish that they played more songs that I know.  They played some songs from their new album “Rocket Science”.  Todd went to the merchandise table beforehand and bought the CD.  Good thing, because afterwards there was a line and it was sort of a zoo!  They played from 7:30 to about 9pm.  

These musicians were very talented. It was fun to see a group of musicians who truly enjoyed playing with each other, and have been long time friends. 

Their musicianship was awesome.  It was amazing to see their fingers move over their instruments. 

Also, it’s always fun to see musicians who are great at their craft also play with passion and fun.  We had a great time seeing Bela Fleck and The Flecktones.  And once again, Anthology was a fun venue to see a concert and have dinner.  (Or a snack in our case.)  A super-fun weeknight out!   :)


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