Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013

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Hello 2013. I must admit that this new year rushed in when I wasn’t fully prepared to turn a new leaf. I had felt harried, rushed, overcommitted, and unprepared. But I love the clean slate of a new year. I love that it’s full of possibilities. I love making new goals.

I’m not sure that I want to commit to any full-year goals for projects this year. In 2009 I completed Project 365, in which I took at least one photo per day AND blogged it. (Yes, if you go to the 2009 section in my blog archives on the left, there are 365 blog posts, for real.) In 2011 I created a project called “New 52”, in which I did at least one NEW thing each week and blogged about it. You can read about the intent of the project here, and see a wrap-up post that links to all 52 of my posts here. I loved both of these year-long projects, but they were major commitments that took up a lot of my time and efforts.

In 2013, I think I want to have monthly goals instead of year-long goals. It would allow me to explore more and change course if necessary. One over-reaching goal that I do have though, is to do one thing per day that’s good for me on some level.

These can be:

Physical: eating well, exercising, sleeping, etc
Mental: reading, learning, creating
Emotional: connecting with family & friends
Spiritual: church, Bible-reading, small group Bible study, daily devotions

I think this approach will allow me to have a good balance in my life. The nitty-gritty of implementing it will be the hard part. I have a feeling that a Google calendar will help me with it.

Creatively, I’ll have my hands full with scrapbooking and blogging for The Lilypad, One Little Bird, Write.Click.Scrapbook., and Evalicious. And of course continuing to write and share here at Listgirl.com. I’ve already started a new Google calendar for the editorial content of all the places I blog and do projects for. I hope it will help keep me organized and not over-extended.

One more thing I’ll be doing creatively is start up with Project Life again. I’ve missed it and am excited to get back to it again.

I’m really looking forward to this new year and all that it brings! Wishing you a new year full of possibilities and change! :)

PS – I created the above graphics by placing all my items on a white foam board and taking a photo straight down. Then I used Photoshop to clone the screens on my Kindle and iPad so that it is completely blank. Then I used fonts that I created with my own handwriting to create my “board”. The outline font is called Listgirl Outline.

{Click on sample to see larger.}

If you would like to use this font I made, you can download it here. :)


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Crazy awesome FONT! THank you!!!

  2. i like the idea of doing one thing per day good for you...it's a good goal, but not so overbearing that you feel you can't accomplish it!

  3. Love this! I've spent today thinking about my goals for 2013. (All I've come up with is hoping it won't be anything like 2012.) Actually, I think it will be my year of prayer. God is in the process of drastically changing me...I think I'll let Him finish the work while I pray through it.

    With that said...I'm totally doing the 'one thing good for me each day'!! Today, my one good thing will be to snag your font. You.are.awesome.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year Tracey! I'm excited to hear about your transformation.

  4. These are wonderful 'doable' goals.
    You are super busy and I appreciate you sharing your font with us.
    Happy New Year.

  5. yay so glad you are doing PL i love your layouts!!

  6. That one thing a day sounds like a great idea! And thanks for sharing that awesome font :)

  7. Super cute, thanks!! I've always wanted to make my own fonts but idk how!!


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