Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Wonder Why I’m Exhausted?

This past week was super-busy at work. On top of that, I didn’t get very much sleep because of Noodle, so I feel totally exhausted. Last week I got a couple of blog comments from friends who said they’re trying to figure out when I slept, because of all the stuff I do. My reply was that I actually do get about 7 hours of sleep per night on average.  That promptly jinxed me. This past week, Noodle woke us up around 5:00am with incessant meowing and pawing at the door almost every day. I’m kind of thinking that it might be the fact that we’re getting daylight so much earlier now and he got confused. Nevertheless, I’m a light sleeper and once waken, I’m not able to fall back asleep. :(  Noodle’s training started Thursday.  Today was the first day he let us sleep until 7:30am.

Of course, there were other things keeping me occupied and tired during the week, besides work.

On Monday my new 28mm F/1.8 lens came. 

She’s a beauty.  Here she is, on the camera.

The reason I wanted a 28mm prime lens is because I LOVE my 50mm prime lens, but it’s very difficult to shoot with it inside the house.  When I take food photos or craft project photos, I have to step WAAAAAY back with the 50mm lens.  For example, in order to take my Project Life page photos to blog about them, I have to put my album on the ground and climb up on top of a bench and shoot straight down.  Now with the 28mm lens I can easily take close-up photos of things without having to step way back.  But you ask, don’t you have a zoom lens?  I do have a 28-135mm zoom lens, but I find that I can’t get crisp clear shots with it when zoomed, without a tripod.  I also find it does not perform as well under low light conditions as the prime lens.

So what were some of the first photos I took with the 28mm F/1.8 lens?

Food of course.

And Noodle.

One other reason I love this 28mm lens?  I’m able to take photos of my craft table now.  My craft studio is small so I couldn’t take photos of the table before, because I had no room to step back with the 50mm lens.

Tuesday was a super-busy day at work.  Not only did I have a 3-hour conference call, I had to review a bunch of numbers for the month. By 10:00am, I was having my second cup of coffee.  Sigh.  Two cups is my limit though.

On Wednesday morning I got the sweetest surprise in the mail. I had gotten to know Jenn Smith-Sloane over the past few months because we are both contributors in the Everyday Storyteller book. A couple of weeks ago, I had commented on a layout on her blog how I loved the stamp that she used, and I had asked her where she got it from.  So I opened up a package that I wasn’t expecting on Wednesday morning and it was this.
It was generous and thoughtful, and such a surprise!  Thanks Jenn!

Also on Wednesday, Noodle found a new place to hang out.  He’s never hung out on the papasan chair in our bedroom before. It’s full of blankets and clothes, and my stuffed animals. I thought he was trying for an ET imitation.

Todd and Noodle snuggled after work.

I got this Dear Lizzy paper in my Two Peas box last weekend. I love it so much, I want to buy a few more sheets!

I cut out one of the jars to use in my Project Life Week 18 (to be blogged soon).

I found these glass sugar jars for 99 cents at the 99 Cent store the other day.  I put my twine in there.  The holes at the top are perfect for dispensing twine!

On Thursday morning I got up extra early because Noodle woke us up.  So I crocheted.  I got the blue on there now and all the colors are on the chevron afghan now.

I got some new Eastland clogs.  They’re red.  I didn’t like them at first because they made my feet look huge.  But they are so comfortable that I’m able to overlook the duck feet. I even wore them to work.

I take 5 minute breaks at work a few times a day and I walk during that time. I can usually squeeze in a mile per day when I do this.  This is my work courtyard where I walk.

Also on Thursday, my Studio Calico box came.  I was pretty excited to rip it open, because I love this month’s kit, 35mm.  I bought some other stuff too.

On Friday I got to have a late lunch with one of my favorite friends, Meera.

And then 2.5 hours later, we had dinner with Pete and Cassandra and their family at Smashburger.

In the evening I cleaned up and put away all the stuff on my craft work table, including the box from Studio Calico.

Which included these POW glitter papers that I love.  They don’t rub off whatsoever and they cut like butter in the Silhouette

And I organized all my Studio Calico wood veneers into compartments in a box.

It was an exhausting week. 


  1. Wow! Super busy week!
    I'm loving the photos with the new lens. Isn't it amazing the difference with using a wider prime lens? Enjoy!!
    I like your idea of taking frequent walk breaks. That is a great way to pack in a little extra exercise (and take a few minutes to de-stress as well!)
    Have a great week!

  2. 7 hours of sleep?? I'm jealous. I'm using Sleep Cycle on my phone track my sleep and my average is under 6 hours. That's not even counting some 4 hours nights when I dont even bother with the app. David sleeps 8-9 hours per night. Blows my mind. I'm hoping once he moves here his encrouagement to go to bed earlier helps me!

  3. Question? What paper do you use from Oriental Trading Company? IF that is paper in your picture. Much thanks!

  4. @Larissa - that's actually square foam adhesive from OTC.

  5. Thank you...Couldn't figure out what it was...

  6. Oh my goodness, so much greatness! Love that you weren't expecting the stamp. I was sneaky to get your address! :)

    Also love all the goodies all over your craft desk and can't wait to see more pics of you working. :)

  7. What a week of goodness, kindness and fun!

    Noodle really looks like a soft baby. We have cats too, and Roman Spirit has a REALLY tough time adjusting to time and light changes. It's annoying and funny at the same time...he's such a loud purrer (I made that word up - lol)

    Love the colors of the afghan and the pictures of your male friend and his baby bump. Made me smile!

    thanks for sharing your crazy week. Your life is full of verbs!


  8. Oh my! I'm exhausted just reading about your weekend! You do more in two days than I do in a week. I love seeing pictures of your kitty-cat. He's adorable :) Can't wait to see your PL Week 18 spread! I'm currently working on Week 15. I'm not too far behind!


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