Sunday, May 20, 2012

Perspectives | Old Pair of Jeans

I got to thinking about Todd and I and our relationship this morning while he went on a 40 mile bike ride and I stayed home to get some things done.  I got sentimental!

Sometimes you get to thinking about being together with someone for a very long time, a lifetime. Todd and I always reminisce about our first kiss. We love the memory and feeling of it, but we also know that it could never be duplicated again. But I love the security and comfort of being with my long-time love. It is something I appreciate every single day. I can be myself and never fear about what he thinks about what I say or do, because he always loves me. And that we can meet up at a restaurant after doing our separate things, and I can be late and he knows exactly what I always order there, and the food is there right when I arrive. I ♥ him and our relationship. While we may never be able to duplicate The First Kiss again, I relish the comfort and security MORE. It's like an old pair of jeans, but 100000000% better.


  1. Simply awesomely perfect. Makes me smile!

  2. Such sweet words and I love the photo of you two.

  3. You guys are so good together ... tender heart-warming words on a cool, grey Monday morning (here in my part of the UK anyway!)

  4. So sweet!!! Know exactly what you mean by first kiss can't be duplicated...
    Warm regards, Sandra

  5. Love this! I've been with my hubby for a long time too. :)

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