Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2012 Project Life | Week 16

First of all, I want to thank you so much for the comments on my last Project Life post. I really appreciate hearing from you and it meant a lot to me!  :)

I’ve actually had this done at the same time as Week 15, but haven’t had a chance to blog it.  I’ve been working on a few projects.  One of which is I wrote my 2nd installment of my quarterly articles about Project Life for My Scrapbook Art’s magazine, Home Is Where The Art Is

Here is a little snippet of it.  You can read my full article here
In the article, I gave 12 tips for getting it done or catching up on Project Life. And if you haven’t read my first article there about Project Life, you can go here:  Documenting The Everyday With Project Life.

Project Life Week 16. 

Left page.  We went to visit my dad and Shelly.  Had Korean BBQ lunch with them, and toured my dad’s revamped garden.  It looked fantastic! 

Week 16 title slot.  I used Amy Martin’s Cutting Files: Edged Borders SVG files from The Lilypad and cut the border out with my Silhouette. Then I sewed the border onto my 4x6 card from the Clementine Core Kit. The polaroid camera is a digital pack by Lauren Grier called Everyday Story Doodles.   

Made a 4x6 photo collage in Adobe Lightroom of our visit to my dad’s house.

I carved some doily stamps, so I printed an Instagram photo of my stamp and then adhered it to a kraft & doily paper, hee hee.  The quoted heart stamp with the “This Week” in it (in the second journal card) is one that I carved also.  You can see my carved stamps here.

The typewriter, camera, and heart are also from Lauren Grier’s digital pack called Everyday Story Doodles.  The border on the journal card on the right was a digital border that I traced in the Silhouette Studio software and had my machine sketch it out using a Sakura glitter pen!  The bottom photo is a bunch of greeting cards I created using digital products from The Lilypad.   

Right page.  We went to see the Gordon Goodwin Big Phat Band at Anthology.  Todd and I love to laugh at a LOLCATS joke about the cat shouting “You’re not my real mom!”.  So I caught a photo of Noodle and captioned it as such. I dyed my hair.  We had pizza after running at the beach.

On the left journal card I stamped on it with my hand-carved doily stamp, then I let it dry.  Then I typed journaling in Photoshop and printed it out on the card.  The right slot has a doily that I took from Anthology at dinner, LOL.  An Instagram photo of my hair dye.  The labels were print and cut with my Silhouette.  Design was downloaded for free from Vanessa.

This side of the page was all about the Gordon Goodwin Big Band concert at Anthology. 

That is all for Week 16!  :)


2012 Project Life | Week 16 Supplies:


  1. I am in love with your doily stamps! They are beautiful.

  2. Great spread here!! I love your doily stamp will have to show how you do that. :)

  3. I have to tell you that I love how BRIGHT your project life layouts are. They truly catch me and make me click over from Google Reader and onto your site to read more.

  4. I read your article. I read it the other day and there are some really great ideas that I'm going to use to catch up. I am so behind. Literally I have one week completed. Love your project life this week!

  5. Even though I'm not actually doing PL myself, I still love seeing / reading about yours / Todd's weekly shenanigans!

  6. Every week I read your PL posts and drool over your layouts Christine (and Noodle - I'm going to abduct him one day...). You are so talented and inspire me every week to get more creative in a simpler way. And that article on "Home is Where The Heart Is" is FABULOUS! Will be whipping out some of those tips this week (sitting a few weeks behind because I'm too much of a perfectionist); thanks for giving me a 'simple-is-good' kick up the behind! LOL Love your work gorgeous xx

  7. I have just discovered your blog and your Project Life pages are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  8. I also discovered your blog today, and love your Project Life! I'm doing it too, and so proud that I have kept up. Yours is truly inspiring!

    How/where do you print your instagram photos and and what size? I use picasa for editing, and would love to learn a way to get them on a 4x6 without distorting the square. Curious your take on it...

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!

  9. @Lisa Marie - I print all my photos at home. I open Photoshop and create either a blank 4x6 or 8.5x11 canvas, depending on how many Instagram photos I want to print out. Then I open all my photos and drag them into my Photoshop canvas, align them, and send them to my printer. The native Instagram photo for me is 712x712 pixels, which equates to about 2.4 inches when printed out at 300 dpi.

  10. I am a new follower, your project life pages are amazing & I love all the fun details you share!! I haven't started the project yet, but I have been watching others for awhile now & am thinking about trying it in 2013. I can't wait to see your future posts :)


  11. I just found your blog today too, via a link on the Write.Click.Scrapbook site. :) I really like your pages. The brief summaries of each day are a great addition -- I haven't done much of that. I also like how you are customizing the weekly date cards. I look forward to seeing/reading more. :)


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