Thursday, May 3, 2012

Snippets of Life

I have blog posts planned every day this week.  One of them was today, which is a random roundup of little snippets of our lives the last couple of weeks.  Snippets that didn’t get blogged about, but moments or happenings that I want to remember.  And the reason I remember these moments to blog about them, is because of my Everyday Storyteller blog hop tip.  All these photos were put into my “Blog 2012” virtual collection at the time I processed them in Lightroom.  So they’re all in there together.  My photos, my stories.  I ♥ that so much!

And tomorrow night is the Everyday Storyteller Launch Party with chat and giveaways, and the book goes on sale!  You will NOT want to miss it!  I’m so excited about it. I will be chatting, so I hope to “see” you there!

Sigh.  I love this little guy.  He always just wants to be close to us.  When we’re in our office on our computers, he wants to be near us.  So I set up a cat bed ON MY DESK and he gets to be there when I’m on the computer. Lucky cat.  Lucky me.

And another cute photo of him.

I love my Keurig machine.  That is all.

I finally had the chance to meet Sally’s new twin babies on Sunday 4/22. This one is the boy.

And the girl.

Sally holding the boy.

And our friend Stacy (whom we also went to high school with) holding the girl.

I found cheap washi tape in the stationary aisle at Target, near the Post-It notes.  These were $4 for a pack of 4 rolls.

I got a haircut.

I carved a new stamp. I feel like a teenager making mixtapes again!  :)

I started crocheting a chevron afghan.  These beginning rows are cream colored.  But I’ve already done an orange row.  The other colors will be light blue and gray.

I started drinking non-caffeinated chocolate chai tea with some soy milk in the afternoons at work.  I love it.

I cannot wait for The Avengers.  We got tickets for this Sunday!

My new order from came.  I’m in love with some of the pens and not others.  I may have to write a pen-love update.

On weekends I love to get my colorful bowls and mugs out and use them for breakfast.  Start out with a bright day!

All the square photos you’ve seen above are my Instagram photos.  I’m listgirl on Instagram if you want to follow along and see snippets of my life before it hits the blog.  :) 

We went running at Lake Miramar on Saturday late afternoon.  It was a gloriously gorgeous day.
I’ve gone to physical therapy with the running therapy specialist twice now.  I’m planning to do a blog post about that and running in general soon.

Lastly, I’m so excited about an upcoming event.  For the first time ever, I’ll be attending a real life scrapbooking class!  It is called “Get Crafty With Amy Tangerine” and is taught, obviously, by Amy Tan.  I can’t wait to meet some real life scrapbookers whom I’ve “met” online.  If you’re in San Diego and want to go, sign up now and let’s meet!  :D


  1. Your chocolate chai tea sounds wonderful...could you share what brand so I can look for it around here? Thanks.

  2. Hi Lisa!

    It's called Zhena's Gypsy Tea Chocolate Chai Tea. My friend got it a Cost Plus World Market for me as a gift. You can look around your local stores, or get it on Amazon.

  3. Such fun pics, how sweet are those babies?? Can't wait to see your afghan.

  4. First I was going to say, I am still drooling over your tape from Target and then I got to the mix-tape stamp and went gaga but then you got me even more into it by showing the chevron quilt and oh my goodness that is to die for! :)

  5. First off, can I just say I LOVE reading your "snippets", short, sharp & just a great way to catch up.

    Second off, oh how I wish I lived even on the same continent as you ... there are sooooo many digi friends on my "would ♥ to meet" wish-list.

    One day. Hopefully. One day.

  6. A very lovely randoms list! Wish we had such gorgeous running scenery around here.

  7. I am so jealous that you are going to a "live" amy tan class. I'm tempted to fly down to go! Hope you have fun. :)

  8. Noodle, babies, crocheting, drinks that involve chocolate...

    Doesn't get any better than that.

    Loved the post! Wish I could meet up at the class...but, I would be a terrible student because all I'd want to do is chat and eat burgers.


  9. I will expect an Instagram photo from your event with Amy tagged #everystory contributors!

    Love seeing these snippets of your life.

  10. I love Noodle updates. My cat, Agatha, follows me everywhere and makes typing very challenging. I went to an Amy and Kelly class a few weeks ago and it was so fun and had great techniques. I bet you will have a fabulous time.


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