Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Weekend Before

I am behind in keep up with my daily life blog posts.  This past week has been a long and tiring week at work.  Not only was it month-end and I worked a lot, but there’s been some changes and I got more responsibilities.  And it’s 2012 budget time and I had to make some budget changes so my boss could get his 2012 budget presentation together.  All in all a long and tiring week, so I didn’t really have time to sit down at night at the computer and process photos and blog.  What that means is I’m going to attempt to catch up tonight in the form of a series of blog spew, LOL. 

Friday (10/28) I took the day off work to try to catch up on Project Life and some crafty stuff.  I didn’t end up getting a whole lot done.  But last minute, we decided to go down to see an encore showing of the movie “Surrogate Valentine” on the last night of the San Diego Asian Film Festival.  The film stars Goh Nakamura and is written and directed by Dave Boyle.  Goh Nakamura is an independent singer/songwriter, and he plays himself in the movie, even though a lot of it is fictional.  We had met Goh the Saturday before, when we went to the SDAFF Awards Gala after-party with my cousin.  He’s a really nice guy and talented musician.  The film is quirky and cute, touching and very funny.  We totally enjoyed it.  To top it off, the filmmaker Dave Boyle was there for Q&A after the movie. 
Dave Boyle said this is the first movie in a trilogy, so we’re anxious for the 2nd movie to come out.  They’ve already finished filming it about a month ago.  Goh Nakamura has a really nice voice.  If you’re interested in his music, you can buy it on iTunes and Amazon

The next day, Saturday 10/29, was a gorgeous day.  We went running at the coast and went to Bull Taco for lunch afterwards.

I got the oyster taco and the Lobster, Bacon, Chorizo taco.  Both are my favorites!  This place has the most awesomely weird tacos and I love them!

And you cannot beat a view like this from a taco shack at a camp ground.

Tacos over the ocean…

Waiting for our tacos to get made.

The oyster taco and the lobster bacon chorizo taco did not let me down!

Later that evening Todd made a new dish from Cooking Light called “Edamame Salad With Crisp Steak Bits”.  This new-to-us recipe was a huge winner.  We both loved it!  So tasty and easy too.

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  1. Your beautiful blue skies always amaze me.

    I tried Edamame for the first time last week. I liked it. :)


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