Sunday, November 6, 2011

He Gets Cuddly When It’s Cold

When we first adopted Noodle in January, he was a very cuddly cat.  He would crawl up into our laps and fall asleep on us.  Then through the spring and summer he stopped being so cuddly, so we thought he grew out of it since he was no longer a kitten.  We were wrong!  The last week the weather turned cold (mid 50’s to low 60’s is cold here) and he started being cuddly again.  On Sunday night he crawled onto Todd and fell asleep for over an hour. 


We can’t get anything done when he wants to cuddle, but he’s oh-so-cute.  Who can resist just settling into the couch with this cute Noodle kitty?

As long as we’re talking about Noodle… we got a refurbished Dyson vacuum three weeks ago.  I’m amazed, happy, yet grossed out how much Noodle fur was sucked up by the Dyson.  This was from one whole-house vacuum session.
I could seriously make a whole new cat from all the fur!  And apparently, Amazon thinks I should make good use of my cat’s fur for crafting purposes, because it suggested this book to Todd in a marketing email.
For real!  Just look at that cat.  It’s like he’s saying, “Is this my mini-me?  It smells like me and looks like me, so it must be me!”  Oh brother.  I love trying out new crafts, but I don’t think I’m going to make my cat a mini-me.


  1. Awwww, love the sweet kitty photos. The vacuum and book gross me out though! lol

  2. Oh Noodle, I've missed seeing you on the blog. :)

    Each time I see a commercial for a Dyson Ball I drool. I would love one. I'm amazed at how much of my hair mine picks up so I can't image what a Dyson would do.


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