Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eating With Friends

Sharing a meal with friends is one of my very favorite things to do.  I got to do a lot of it these past few days.  :)

On Thursday night after work, we met up with our friends Pete and Cassandra for some Smashburger!  They live within walking distance of our neighborhood Smashburger, and we live within a mile, so it was very convenient for us to meet up there.  Sometimes I think it’s TOO convenient, LOL.  Living this close to Smashburger is dangerous!

Pete is on the Paleo diet, so he went bun-less.  He really enjoyed it though!  
We love our Smashburger too, a little bit too much in fact.  But it was the company that we really enjoyed!

Friday night we met up with my good friend Lara and her family, and also Sally, at Siam Nara for dinner.  Lara, Sally, and I went to junior high and high school together.  Lara is moving to Hawaii after this weekend, so we wanted to have one-last get-together before she left.  :(  I’ll miss her a lot.

The three of us together, one last time before Lara moves.  Sniff.
Lara’s husband Rupert is really good at finding good food and ordering the tastiest stuff on the menu.  We discovered some really good appetizers at Siam Nara and would definitely order them again next time we go, especially the grilled meatballs with chili garlic sauce!  Yum!

I went to bed late Friday night because I got some crafty ideas for our Christmas cards so I wanted to start making them.  Saturday we slept in and woke up around 8:45am.  We would have almost missed the entire College Gameday show on ESPN, but we record it every week in the fall on our DVR.  We watched some of that, then it was time for Buckeye football!  Ohio State played Indiana and beat them 34-20.  For a while it was too close for comfort, considering it was Indiana (no offense to Indiana fans).  It was a cool weekend and we thoroughly enjoyed snuggling under the blanket and watching football!

After the game, we quickly ate and then went running after about 30 minutes.  It was a miscalculation and we both felt a little bit crampy due to running too soon after eating.  But we did squeeze our Saturday run in before my bestie Sally came over for a “Crafternoon”!  Before the crafting started, I took some photos of her in our backyard.  She’s expecting and I wanted to take frequent photos for her to document her pregnancy.
Then we got to making some Christmas cards!  I didn’t get a chance to take any photos, but we made some Christmas cards.  I decided to make trifold cards this year and that meant decorating many more sides of the card than just a regular twofold card.  It took me forever to stamp and die-cut shapes.  And I need to pick out a photo to glue into the middle fold too.  While we were crafting, Todd got to play his new video game, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.  He had been waiting for months for this game to come out!  Todd also made a wonderful dinner for us and we had a great time eating and chatting with Sally. 

Last night I picked up a pint of Graeter’s ice cream at our local Ralph’s grocery store.  If you’re from the Cincinnati area, you would KNOW about Graeter’s ice cream and how much it is loved there.  When we lived in Dayton we used to drive down to Cincinnati for the ice cream!  So I was so excited when my college friend Jill told me that now I can get Graeter’s ice cream at my local Ralph’s!  It seemed that all the flavors at Ralph’s were some sort of chocolate chip, so we chose Toffee Chocolate Chip.  Came home and ate some and it was delicious!

Today we watched some football and cleaned the house.  Then we headed over to our friend Monika’s house for a cookout and the movie “Hood To Coast”.  We went for the food and socializing, but decided to leave before the movie so we could get some things done at home.  But before we left, we had to take a group photo.

And another one that simulated this photo, at Monika’s suggestion!  :D

Even though it was a very rainy and cold weekend in San Diego, we had so much fun with our friends.  Now I have two hours left to enjoy the weekend before another work week starts!


  1. I agree with you... Sharing a meal and time with friends is one of the very favorite things to do.

    And I enjoy each report from you

    the best wishes to Sally for her pregnancy

  2. Too bad you missed the movie! Let me know if you want to borrow it. LOVE the pix btw. I will have to borrow them :)


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