Saturday, November 12, 2011

Santouka Ramen with Lots of Traffic

Thursday night we set a date to meet Dejah and Roby for some real ramen at Santouka.  Unfortunately we didn’t take into account that the Chargers were playing the Raiders at home at Qualcomm Stadium with a 5:30pm game start.  Both Todd and I left work a little bit early because we were supposed to meet up at 5:30 for dinner.  It took me 50 minutes to get there, and it usually takes 25 minutes.  It took Todd a full hour to get from his work to Santouka and it usually takes about 30 minutes.  So all in all, you could say we went to great lengths to eat our favorite ramen with our good friends!

Dejah actually got her tempura and yakisoba noodle soup from the restaurant next to Santouka.

Roby got his spicy miso ramen and was ready to dig in!

Doesn’t it look so good?

I usually get the salt (shio) ramen but they were out, so I got soy (shoyu) ramen for the first time.  I really like it!

Todd got the miso ramen (without the spiciness) and he loved his too.  He was so hungry that he got the big bowl! 

Sigh, I sure love a good warm bowl of real Japanese ramen noodles on a cold day!  And hanging out with Dejah and Roby is always fun.

On the way home, in the dark, I had my camera ready because I knew my good old trusty Honda Prelude was about the hit a major milestone.  88,888 miles!  The picture is slightly blurry since it was so dark, but I’m glad I was ready for the photo.  :)

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