Sunday, November 6, 2011

He Makes A Good Sue Sylvester

This year for Halloween, Todd decided he could pull a Sue Sylvester off.  So he bought a track suit and a whistle, and asked me to style his hair a little bit.
Not bad.  But he needed to work on his meanness.  He didn’t slushy anyone either.

He entered the Halloween costume contest at work and found some stiff competition.  For one thing, our friend Dejah made a Lego Boy costume completely from scratch.  She used a caliper and made an exact replica of a Lego Boy, to scale!
Obviously, she won the contest.  Her coworkers carted her around on a cart to show everyone, because walking was a bit difficult, and she couldn’t sit down, LOL.  Dejah did a fantastic job!  Here another one of Todd’s coworkers helped Dejah with her Lego head.

Not only did Dejah make her own Lego Boy costume, she also helped make her department’s group costume, the Trolls.

Todd’s friend Alan was Lamar Odom.

Princess Leia

This guy actually made three life-sized cutouts of his previous costumes…

But then he dressed up this year as a Mexican wrestler.  Maybe he’ll make a life-sized cutout of this one and put it next to the other three…

I’m not sure what she was, but I dig the pink wig!

Finally, the costume-contest runner up was Todd’s friend Ryan, who was Pee Wee Herman.  He already took off the bow tie here, but with the bow tie he looked way more Pee Wee.
Fun times at Todd’s company costume contest!


  1. I am loving Todd's Sue costume. It's pretty dead-on. Maybe with a slushy he would have won?

    Talk about some competition, though. That place is full of creativity!

  2. WOW! All of those costumes are amazing! I love'd Todd as sue. Dejah as a Lego was majorly impressive. Loved the trolls too! man, my company isn't as spirited :(

  3. What great costumes! LOVE the Sue Sylvester - he totally pulls it off. And the lego one is amazing. I am so impressed with all of the costumes. Looks like a fun place to work. :)

  4. OMG Dejah's costume is amazing!

    I love Todd as Sue. So creative. :)

    My favorite Sue quote is:
    "Don't start with my Castle, I will kick you square in the taco."


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