Monday, April 18, 2011

Do Knights & Lords Eat Dumplings?

Yesterday was a day that Todd had been waiting for for a long time. Like, more than a year... maybe two? It was the premiere of HBO's new series, "Game of Thrones". It is based on the book series "Song of Ice and Fire" by George R. R. Martin, with the first book being "Game of Thrones". It is medieval fantasy with lots of political intrigue. Todd has read all four of the books so far. He even re-read "Game of Thrones" this past month, in preparation for the series starting on HBO. The fifth book comes out this July and he can't wait!

We invited Roby and Dejah to come over for dinner before the show, and to watch the show. Dejah brought frozen dumplings from 99 Ranch Market, along with a bamboo steamer.

I had never seen a bamboo steamer in action before! I know, totally unfit to be Chinese! :| The dumplings were placed onto some paper towels inside the steamer.

And steamed on top of a boiling pot of water for 15 minutes.

Noodle watched with intrigue.

Todd put this perch up on the window for him and he LOVES it! Sometimes he'll stay there for hours and not leave, LOL.

The dumplings on the table, after the steaming.

I ate them with my special sauce mixture of rice vinegar, soy sauce, sriracha, and sambal oelek.

After the dumplings, Todd made one of my favorite dishes, Seoul Chicken.

We ate that up with enthusiasm pretty fast!

For dessert, Todd made some pumpkin pie milkshakes using a recipe from Our Best Bites that we had been wanting to try since December!

Some very serious pumpkin pie milkshake eaters.

After dinner, we started watching "Game of Thrones". Oh the intrigue!

And the gore! Three beheadings before the credits even start rolling.

We really enjoyed the show. Todd is super-excited to see all 10 episodes this season. Just a word of caution... if you're thinking of watching this, make sure the kids are out of the room. There's a reason the show is on HBO. There's a lot of violence and adult themes. Same with the books.


  1. No cable here...but..

    I had just as much fun watching you watching the show! Hilarious!

    OK, so have a very silly question..the last two ingredients on your special sauce..what exactly are they? And where would one find such products??

  2. Ohhh I LOL! The photos of your "Game of Thrones" screening are too fun!

    How were the pumpkin pie milkshakes? Worthy of another make? Meh?

  3. Tracey - here's more info on the hot sauces...


    sambal oelek:

    I like to put sriracha in everything Asian, LOL.

    Sara - the pumpkin pie milkshakes were awesome and totally worthy of another make! When I got to the bottom of the glass I was sad, LOL.

  4. Who got the sad, small milkshake glass?

  5. Yeah, who got the sad, small milkshake glass?

    I just set my DVR to record this show. I'll let you know if I like it.


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