Monday, February 7, 2011

"Super Todd"

Sunday 2/6 was our big party combining Todd's 40th birthday celebration + Super Bowl, thus we called it "Super Todd"!

Invites went out a few weeks ago...


I knew I wanted a banner, but beyond that I just flew by the seat of my pants, LOL.
Amy helped me make the banner from scrapbooking paper.  I knew I kept paper supplies around for something!

The finished banner.

The arrival and food areas.

The living room party area.

I spread some noisemakers and confetti on the tables.


There was food and lots of it!
Todd's mom made a chicken crock pot for sandwiches/chips.

We chopped up some vegetables and got some dips. Our next door neighbor, Annie, made all those egg rolls/lumpia and surprised us with them!

I made my now famous Crunchy Asian Slaw again, thanks to this recipe from Vanilla Bees.

Next door neighbor Fred (Annie's husband) roasts his own coffee beans and brought over a carafe of his awesome Yirgacheffe coffee.

We got catered Indian food from our favorite Indian restaurant, Punjabi Tandoor.

Chicken Tikka Masala + regular naan bread

Chicken Makhani + garlic naan bread

Alu Gobi (cauliflower and potatoes mixed making a delicious Punjabi style curry)

We were kind of nervous about serving Indian food for the party because we didn't know if people would like it, even though it's Todd's favorite. But it went over really well! Even Todd's dad tried some and liked it! :)

Our friend Monika bought a brownie and drew a sock monkey on it! How cute is that??


Everyone mingled and had fun chatting, eating, and watching the game.
Our neighbors Fred and Annie were one of the first ones to arrive. And like I said, they came bearing lots of food and gifts!

They gave Noodle a "dynamite"stick made of fabric and filled with catnip. Noodle LOVED it and went nuts playing with it for a long while!

Dejah and Roby with Birthday Boy

Meera, Keiji, Gilbert, Anne, and Tyler hanging out at the family room dining table.

Dejah, Roby, and Randy engrossed in conversation.

Meera and baby Keiji.


Birthday Boy and Victoria, who brought the cheesehead.

AND she brought a big bucket of gifts for Todd, having to do with popcorn!

Sally, Meera, and Todd hanging out.

Victoria, Anne, and Tyler watching the game.

The family room (where the big TV is) filled with party guests.

Birthday Boy with Karsten and Yaiza.

Monika, Meera, Keiji, and Andon.

The Super Trio of AJ, Andon, and Todd!

Look how cute Andon looked with his cape!

Monika borrowing the cheesehead, which is ironic since she hates cheese!

Half time was birthday cake time!

Birthday Boy Todd blowing out his candles. We went easy on him and didn't actually put 40 on there, ha ha!

"Super Todd" turned out to be a wonderful gathering of family and friends who mean the most to Todd. It was such a fantastic way to celebrate his 40th birthday! We appreciated each and every person who came to celebrate with us. Oh, and the Packers won, by the way. :)


  1. Happy belated birthday to Todd. Looks like a wonderful day to celebrate!

  2. Love it! 'Super Todd', what a cool idea!
    Your photos of food always makes me so HUNGRY, lol!
    Especially the Indian food since that is also my absolute fave! Just had some chicken tikka masala last night, ha!
    Thanks for sharing Christine!

  3. What a fabulous birthday bash! Yummy food, fun conversation and best of all, the company of good friends ... sounds heavenly to me!

  4. This looks amazing! What a great way to celebrate Todd's birthday and the superbowl. I love the sock monkey brownie and Andon dressed up as superman.

    Great photos!

  5. Happy belated birthday wishes for Todd! Welcome to your 40' gets real interesting ;)

    Love the food and friends shots..looks like it was a super fun party! (Go Packers!)


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