Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feeding Roby

When our friend Dejah announced that she was going on an almost three week trip to the Philippines, we knew we wanted to have her boyfriend Roby over for dinner at least once during that time. Not that we don't think Roby can fend for himself. We just thought it was an opportunity to cook and have a good friend over, which is never a bad thing! :)

So on Thursday (2/17) night, Roby came over to share good food and good conversation.

Todd made a wonderful pasta with kale, collard, onion, and zucchini, and tossed some sausage in there for good measure. Love this dish!

I would link to the recipe, but I can't find it online anymore. :(

Noodle decided to sit under the table, on the only chair not occupied by humans.

So that he could terrorize us with his scariness.

Todd and Roby engrossed in conversation.

One of Todd's birthday gifts from his friend Victoria was a Taste of the South magazine. Which is where the recipe for this warm chocolate truffle cake came from.

It wasn't very Weight Watchers friendly. But I had some anyways.


  1. Taste of the South?? Really?? How cool is that!

    There's very little southern cooking that plays nice with Weight Watchers. Much to my dismay.

    What a sweet thing to do for your friend. I'm sure it was better than any restaurant food he could have ordered!

  2. You guys are so nice. :)

    That food looks so yummy.

    You'll have to tell Todd my dad took me to Costco yesterday and I was going to get a Churro but the line was too long. :( Next time.

  3. It would take a really long line to deter me from a $1 churro!

  4. When are they coming by? I'd love to meet them, just so I can say I'm one degree away from you and Todd ;) Esp if they are coming to Manila, it'll be easy enough to meet up :)


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