Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chinese New Year

Thursday 2/3 was Chinese New Year! My friend at work, Sandra, and Joanne, organized a Chinese dim sum lunch at Pearl Restaurant to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Some dragon dance preparation going on when we arrived at the restaurant.

Our group of about 20 people got two adjoining private banquet rooms.

My table.

Dragon dance started outside.

Dim sum dumplings arrived at the table. Yum!

Dragon dance came into our room.

Joanne prepared a little gift for everyone. It was a little wooden rabbit, for Year of the Rabbit!

Dawn, Yuri, and Patsy engrossed in a conversation.

It was really fun to get away from work for a couple of hours with my work mates and have dim sum and celebrate Chinese New Year! The dragon dance was a bonus! Once again, my Weight Watchers points got a little thwarted! :p

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  1. The Chinese New Year passed me by and I didn't know it until I started reading blog posts about it. UGH!


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