Sunday, February 27, 2011

Asian Food Club

On Thursday night we had our 3rd meeting of the unofficial "Asian Food Club". Todd likes to get his friends together for dinners out at our favorite restaurants, many of them happen to be Asian. So far, we've been to Dumpling Inn (Chinese), Pho Cow Cali (Vietnamese), and now Tofu House (Korean).

The turnout this time wasn't as large a group.

Todd, Shannon, Randy, Rena, and me (not pictured).

Per usual with Korean food, you get lots of little side dishes with your meal.

Korean tofu soup hit the spot just right on a cold winter night!

Even though Shannon, Randy, and Rena had never had Korean tofu soup before, they all liked it. It was another successful meeting of the Asian Food Club! Afterwards we went next door to Yogurt World and had some tart yogurt for dessert, so yummy! I think they next Asian Food Club meeting will be at Punjabi Tandoor... Todd lobbied hard for that one! :)


  1. Yet another reason I want to live in San Diego! What a great idea..maybe I'll start the east coast version of the Asian Food Club.

    Guess what? I made my very first recipe using tofu. I rolled 42 spicy tofu enchiladas. They are in the freezer waiting to be covered in sauce and cheese. (don't tell the kids..we'll just call them 'spicy enchiladas' and they will never know the difference.) ;)

    Happy Monday!

  2. Can I be an honorary member of the Asian Food Club & live vicariously through your blog posts? And who knows, if I ever happen to be in the San Diego area, I could make it official & pay my dues. LOL!


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