Sunday, February 20, 2011

Running Between Rain Storms

Sometimes the best weekends are made of... just being lazy. Last weekend was productive, this weekend was less so. But that's ok. :)

It's been raining on and off in San Diego for a few days now. It rained Friday night, so we woke up to a wet Saturday morning. I got good sleep though. We spent part of Saturday morning just lazying around in bed, watching tv and playing on our iPod/iPhone.

Noodle lazed around on the bed with us.

I think Noodle has become quite a ham for the camera, dontcha think?

Good thing because there's always a camera in his face!

We went to Paradise Grille in Del Mar for lunch, because we had bought a Daily Save coupon and needed to use it. We got there right as they opened at 11:30am. The lunch crowd was pretty small. I had Crispy Yaki Beef Terderloin with salad.

Todd had a Pesto Chicken Sandwich with Avocados.

The bread was good but I only had two bites because of Weight Watchers. :(

The food was pretty good. I wouldn't say it was awesome. I don't think I would come here and pay full-price. You can read my Yelp review here.

The best thing we discovered at the same shopping center was that there is a locally owned independent bookstore there called The Book Works. They seemed to be under renovation so we'll have to go back there and check it out further another time. Another cool thing is that they are located right next door to Pannikin, with an adjoining door even!

After lunch, we went running at the coast. We saw that the rain hadn't come in yet and wanted to take advantage for a run before it got too wet to run. The coastal route that we take is normally really crowded on the weekends, but not on Saturday. I think everyone thought it was going to rain all day so they made other plans.

The road on the right is where we run all the time. It has a barrier from the car traffic and thus pretty safe. It's our favorite route!

I ran part of the way on the beach. This time it was not low-tide, but mid-tide. There was nobody on the beach though! So tranquil and awesome.

On the way home, we stopped by a gas station in Solana Beach to get a diet Coke. I was surprised at the high gas prices there. $3.74/gallon for regular gas. Ouch!

It rained again Saturday evening and even rained very hard during the night. So glad we got a run in between the rain storms!


  1. OK, so I've just been trying to figure out your gas (petrol) price compared to what I'm currently paying in the UK ... and all I can say is, can I move in with you???? Seriously, if my sums are correct (which they probably aren't!) then $3.74 per gallon = approx $0.81 per litre (based on a rough estimate of 4.5 litres / gallon). Now the price for regular unleaded petrol (gas) here in the UK is currently £1.31 per litre, making it approx £5.90 per gallon. Now then, with the exchange rate being roughly $1.65 to the pound (£) and I make it that a gallon of petrol here is roughly equivalent to $9.57!!!!! Now do you see why I want to come & live with you. LOL!!!!

  2. Christine, that crispy yaki beef looks so yummy, my mouth is just watering and those fries with Todd's sandwich, looks so yummy as well. Thanks for sharing!

  3. LOL Sue! Every time I complain about gas prices in the U.S., I do think about you British folks and how much higher it is there. Then I count our blessings! :)


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