Thursday, February 10, 2011

New 52 | Week 5 Scrapbook Page + Template

I did my layout for New 52 | Week 5 today. This layout came together so easily and my creativity seemed to just flow. I think it's because I found the absolutely perfect kit to scrap my page! :)

New 52 | Week 5: miXtape

New 52: Template #5 by me, Listgirl Designs by Christine Newman
Mixed Tape by Paislee Press @ Oscraps
Brush Strokes II: Edges by Michelle Coleman @ Little Dreamer Designs

And here's the template, available for just $1 in my store, Listgirl Designs.

I wanted to take a moment and thank each and every one of you who have been sharing your links to your New 52 blog posts with me every week. I read them all and enjoy it very much. However, I've come to the conclusion that giving myself a weekly deadline to scrap my page and put out a template is too difficult for me to keep it up. I've bitten off more than I can chew! I spend 9-5 all day on the computer for my job.  Sometimes I just don't want to spend all night or weekend on the computer as well.  It started to become an obligation on Sunday nights, rather than an enjoyment of scrapping my story. So I'm sorry to say that I'm going to drop this part of my commitment. I'm still committed to trying something NEW every week and blogging, I just can't commit to scrapping and putting out a template on time each week. I love telling our stories and scrapping, but not under pressure.  If I do scrap a page, I will share it on my blog.  If I end up making a template out of it, I will send a download to those that shared their blog links for that particular week.  I just can't say it'll be EVERY week.  Thanks for understanding!


  1. Christine, Thank you for sharing your stories and adventures with us as well. As for the templates, thank you so much for what you have already given me. I totally understand about having to drop weekly templates. Love your designs and you should keep creating for what inspires you and preserves your memories. Don't worry about the templates at all!

  2. Christine, don't worry about not providing a template every week. Thank you so much for the templates you have shared already. The weeks roll around pretty fast. I am just enjoying seeing what others are coming up with and this challenge has given me some push to do some things that I would otherwise have put off.

    I love your new page. I hope one of my New 52s will be to do a page using one of your templates (or more). I am new to digital scrapbooking.

  3. Thank you for the template I will be sure to use it. I love you new things too

  4. The thought of having (at least) 52 new experiences to share throughout the year was always enough for me ... anything else was a bonus. The last thing anyone wants this to become is a chore / obligation! We're all here to have fun and share our NEWS with each other right?!?!? I love reading everyone's blog posts, they're funny, they're heart-warming, they're inspiring! I set aside time each Sunday morning now, just so I can find out what everyone has been up to in the past week and that's all thanks to you & Peppermint. Thank you Christine ♥

  5. I've already shared with you all my thanks and best wishes on freeing yourself from the commitment so I'm not going to repeat myself her again.

    I do want to say this....

    Your layout ROCKS! Seriously. The kit was perfect for your New52 and of course your put it together perfectly.

    I'm so tired and now free from obligation I haven't even posted my New52 yet. LOL Yippee!

    I think all of us would rather see your creative pages and read about your stories than have a template.


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