Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Daily Digi Feature

I woke up to a nice surprise this morning! I had thought my Daily Digi feature post would be on July 12th, but turns out it is today!

The template set you see above is included in this month's Digi Files, along with 6 other designers' products for only $5!  It's the best deal in Digi-land!

So go over to The Daily Digi and check me out! Make a comment in the post over there about which product of mine you like, and you get a chance to win $10 to my store! There's also a coupon code to my Little Dreamer Designs store over there. So go take a look! :) 

A little more about The Daily Digi:

THE DAILY DIGI gives you back your time to create memories! We bring you the best in digital scrapbooking on a daily basis, so you don’t have to spend time searching for it! We are an ad-free, affiliate-free site, so we are able to share our honest opinions with you about quality productsphoto printersprogramsresources, and more! We work hard to find tutorials and other information to share with you, so you can spend less time online and more time creating memories with the ones you love! Each month we introduce our readers to quality digital designers through THE DIGI FILES, a collection of several products that retail for over $5 EACH for only $5 (that is over $35 of product for $5). The designers are chosen based on their quality products, they do not pay to contribute. THE DAILY DIGI is also leading the industry with the first dynamic informational based scrapbooking iPhone App!!


  1. Wow Christine, love the templates. Great work, had to buy it ;-) right away.

  2. congrats - great stuff!!
    Love the daily digi


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