Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 8: Beating the Wolverines and saying goodbye to the Big Island

Alarm went off at 6:30 AM so we were sure not to miss the stomping of the Michigan Wolverines. We were up, organized, and popcorn popped by 7 AM - game time in Hawaii! The early game was a defensive struggle, but then noted Wolverine nemesis Beanie Wells asserted himself to the tune of 50-some yards and a score. Not long afterward, a play action pass netted another 50+ yard score. The rodents snuck by us once to produce a 14-7 halftime score. But they came to recognize their superiors as OSU slapped them silly with 28 second half points for a final of 42-7. It was the third largest win by OSU in the rivalry's history. With that pleasant memory firmly placed, we lugged our stuff to the car and said goodbye to Hawaii lodging. We had planned to eat lunch at a stop beloved by locals but it was still closed (it was only 10:30 yet). So we headed to our more important pre-flight appointment, the Kailua Candy Co, for some award-winning chocolates and cheesecake. Next door, we were able to procure some non-dessert food at a non-descript Hawaiian joint called Rainbow Cafe. After lunch and dessert it was off to the Kona Airport. The day was more cloudy and ominous than any day we'd been there, with heavy dark clouds and rain falling on us. I guess it was as good a departure day as we could have had! We jumped on the plane and 5 hours later were in San Francisco. Those 5 hours were not blissful as we sat through a couple of hours of turbulance and near a loud crying 14-month-old kid. I heard that one airline thought about offering baby-free seats but changed their mind. I vote they bring that idea back! Once again, we had an airport dinner and then flew on to San Diego. After getting luggage, car, and driving home, it was after midnight. But we still had to revel a bit longer by watching the college football highlights before heading off to sleep at almost 2. Before sleep we decided to not quite let it end - Sunday was officially part of vacation even though we were home. And so it was -- eating out and resting were at the top of the agenda before we went back to work on Monday. Thus ends our vacation report. I hope you all were able to escape with us to the wonderful and varied beauty of the Big Island. Aloha!


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