Sunday, October 20, 2013

Digi Dare + WCS Nov Layout Sneak

I did a layout for this week’s Digi Dares.  It is all about what could have been!

Digi Dare #343 | I Was Going To Be…
Credits: At the Moment, Creator digital kits by One Little Bird, Star On Top by One Little Bird & Amy Martin, Splatterific 21 by Karah Fredricks, Lobster Two font, Collegiate Black font, and Collegiate Outline font.

Journaling: In 2004 I wanted to be a NFL cheerleader for the San Diego Chargers. I was a cheerleader in my teen years, and was in jazz dance for numerous years. I thought I had a chance at Charger Girl tryouts. So I showed up at the pre-tryouts to learn the routine. Wouldn’t you know it, it was a routine to a Britney Spears song. We only had an hour to learn the routine and then we had to perform it in groups of three in front of the judges. If I had more time to learn the routine, I could have done ok. But as it was, I was eliminated. I’m totally ok with it now, but back then i was disappointed. Oh what could have been!

The photo was a promo shot that I brought to the Charger Girl tryouts.  They wanted a full-body shot and a headshot.  What I forgot to mention in the journaling is that I had been taking an adult jazz dance class for a few months as a refresher, since I hadn’t danced on a team since high school.  The instructor of the class was a Charger Girl, as was the owner of the dance studio!  While I didn’t make the Charger Girls, I did get to dance in a recital that summer with the studio at the Escondido Performing Arts Center, so at least there was that.  :-)  I’m glad I tried out for the Charger Girls even though I didn’t make it.  My motto in life is always to try.  It is better than regretting not doing something, or always wondering what could have been.

It is almost November and I’ve got a sneak peek of my Write.Click.Scrapbook. November gallery layout for you!  Can you guess the theme?
201311_ChristineNewman_IDreamOf (5)

Hope you had a nice weekend! 


  1. Love the layout and journaling Christine!!! I love your positive attitude about life in general...definitely my motto to about never know...unless you try. Great photo of you!! Thanks for always sharing a little bits and pieces of you that we didn't know about!

  2. love the layout and story about try outs!! look at you foxy!

  3. Great layout and journaling. I absolutely love your full body photo. TFS.

  4. Wow, what a cool story! You have done so many awesome things in your life. I think that these Digi Dares really seem like a good opportunity to tell so many stories...


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