Thursday, October 3, 2013

It’s Not A Football Party Without Mexican Food

We had our Buckeye Football Party of the season last Saturday 9/28 at our house.  Around here, it’s not a football party without Mexican food.  Or football shaped plates.


We picked up carne asada and pollo asada from El Nopalito in Leucadia.  One of our favorite Mexican places!

Ohio State played Wisconsin and it was the toughest game of the year yet.  However, the Buckeyes prevailed 31-24.  Even though none of our San Diego friends who came over are Buckeyes, they cheered nevertheless.

Of course, any football party would need to have some great snacks.  We almost always make this Baked Black Beans with Chorizo Dip.  It is delicious and relatively healthy as far as bean dips are concerned, because it is baked and uses black beans instead of refried beans.

Cat & Mick brought over Pigs In A Blanket.  The pigs are for football.  (You know, pigskin.)

Dejah & Roby brought these Godiva chocolate biscuits that were to-die-for.  In fact, after the party I asked them to bring it home.  I can’t have these in the house!

Victoria & Greg brought the olive tray.  Yummy!

The crowd lined up for Mexican food! 

Todd with Roby and Dejah.

Any good party would have desserts.  Todd made two desserts.  One was French Apple Cake from America’s Test Kitchen.  Another was homemade chocolate ice cream from this book.  The ice cream machine we have is this one from Cuisinart.  You can see it in action in this blog post.  The only shameful thing about these desserts is that we forgot to take photos of them.  They were devoured so fast!

Perhaps we’ll have another football get-together again this season.  It sure was fun!  And here’s a gratuitous cute-Noodle shot we captured last weekend, just because.



  1. Your food always looks amazing!
    What type of cat is noodles?
    Love your Blog!

    1. We got Noodle from the shelter, so I'm not sure what he is. I think he's just regular domestic shorthair mixed breed. :)

  2. Hi again. Thanks for the info and for answering my question...
    We recently got a cat like noodles and I was just wondering.


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