Thursday, July 4, 2013

Digi Dare #329

Happy post-July 4th to my US friends!  Hope you had a good holiday full of all the American things you love! 
This week’s Digi Dare is the first dare I’ve dreamed up since returning to the Digi Dares in March!  I think it’s a fun one! 
And here’s my page for the Dare.
Credits: Daily Bulletin digital kit by One Little Bird Designs; The Little Things Washi Tapes by ninigoesdigi; Jellybean Toes alpha stamps by CD Muckosky; font is Claire Hand.
Journaling:  On June 21, 2004, Meera and I hung out together on Summer Solstice.  We decided to go downtown and I made the impulse decision to get my belly button pierced!  She held my hand as it happened.  It didn’t really hurt.  I was so surprised at myself for doing this.  To this day I still have my belly ring and I love it.  Even though it was an impulsive decision, it has stayed with me for nine years!
I would love to see your take on my Digi Dare!  Please post a link to your layout on the Digi Dares blog here by 10pm US Eastern time on Thursday 7/11 to be entered to win one of this week’s prizes.  Good luck!  :)
PS – that photo is from 2004.  My belly is no longer that flat, ha!  Too many hamburgers, apparently.  :p


  1. Very nice layout. (Am quite surprised with your "dare" - I would never have guessed :) ).

  2. Not many of us have flat bellies anymore :). We should have a club

  3. I miss my belly button ring! I had it done in 2000. Geez that was a long time ago. I had to take it out for my surgery this fall (the shunt drains to my stomach and they made an incision in my stomach) and there was so much betadine all over my abdomen and IN the ring hole that I couldnt get the ring back in. Davids mom tried like three different times but we couldnt get the betadine out. Does this count as a first world problem? haha. I keep toying with the idea of getting it repierced.... hmmm


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