Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Favorites

March flew by so fast, it was like a blur. And not just because we went to Daylight Savings time and lost an hour! :) Here are my favorites of the month. I did a Month In Review post every month last year. This year I decided to do a “Favorites” post every month.


March Favorites (from left to right, top to bottom):

  1. Walking the “Finish Chelsea’s Run” with Meera.
  2. Going to Stone Brewery for the first time with Todd.
  3. Having our combined birthday dinner celebration with friends.
  4. Running at the beach.
  5. Making a bound mini album using my Bind-It-All. (Tutorial here. Finished pages here.)
  6. Starting my December 2012 album.
  7. My birthday dinner with Todd at Indigo Grill.
  8. Being a part of the Digi Dares again! 
  9. My Instagram Polaroids from Persnickety Prints.
  10. My DIY video set-up to take crafting process videos.
  11. “Real Genius” viewing party with Dejah & Roby.
  12. Noodle always greeting me with a “rub my belly” when I come home.
  13. Noodle loving to be held by Todd.
  14. Finally having Sally’s “baby shower” for the twins and decorating their quilt squares.
  15. Making a video tutorial for a start-to-finish layout with a stamped background
  16. Day out with Todd and lunch at Ortega’s.
  17. Made my first projects for the Lily Bee design team.
  18. Breakfast with Meera at Original Pancake House.
  19. The arrival of the Jade Edition of Project Life.
  20. Running at the lake.
  21. Bites San Diego food tour of North Park. 
  22. Fixing a hole in my shirt by sewing a reverse applique heart.

March was awesome and super-busy. Bring on April!  :)


  1. No doubt it was our best month ever. (*subject to change next month)

  2. Wow, I am amazed at how much you do. I work full time too and all I want to do is veg out on my days off.


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