Wednesday, April 24, 2013

San Francisco | Are We There Yet?

Todd and I took last Friday (4/19) off to drive up to San Francisco.  Todd and I have a fondness for road trips, because we have the best conversations when we go on road trips.  It feels good to disconnect from our daily routine and just drive and talk.  We left our house around 9:40am.

The first leg of the trip we went from San Diego to the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles.  Along the way, we encountered some traffic in LA.  Not a big surprise!  We stopped for lunch at In-N-Out Burger in San Fernando Valley, because it was right off the I-5 freeway.
This In-N-Out Burger didn’t have inside seating.  You walk up to a window and order, then you sit at one of their outside tables. 

Along the way, we had to stop for gas in the middle of nowhere.  The gas prices at that gas station was pretty shocking.

Some rolling green hills as we approached Livermore.


We waited quite a while at the toll plaza approaching the Bay Bridge.  It was after 6pm by then and there was a lot of traffic to cross the bridge into San Francisco.



Looking back at the Bay Bridge after we got into the city.


We checked into our hotel.  Then we walked down to Pier 39 for dinner.


We had reservations at Fog Harbor at 7pm. 


The view outside our window at the restaurant as the sun set was pretty spectacular.


My handsome dinner date! :)


Todd had some sort of sole fish.


I had the world famous cioppino, which is a fish/seafood stew dish originating in San Francisco.


My cioppino came with a bib, ha ha!


View outside the window after sundown.


After dinner, we walked around Pier 39 and went to get some spiced apple cider at Biscoff.


Pier 39 lit up at night.



We walked back to our hotel and rested up for a big day the next day!  Trip report continues in a couple of days.  Tomorrow I will have a Project Life post up.  :-)


  1. I am traveling vicariously through you. :) What a beautiful place. And that food looks just amazing!

  2. What a great post! Love seeing the different parts of California! Yikes to the Gas prices, that is outrageous!

  3. looks so much fun, next time we in LA we are going to visit SF :)

  4. TFS. I live 90 minutes from SF and have never been to Pier 39 at night. So that's what it looks like at night, huh? Looks so pretty at night.

  5. my husband and I love road trips for the same reason! Looks like you had a great trip... I'm looking forward to the rest of your trip review :)


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