Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tortillas Bigger Than Your Head

Last Monday 3/25 Todd and I took vacation days off work so we could hang out and go out for a date.  We both have unused vacation days at work so we like to take a day off at least once a month and spend it together.

We went to Ortega’s in Hillcrest for lunch. Our friends Anne and Gilbert gave us a gift certificate for our birthdays, so it was a perfect time to visit one of our favorite restaurants in San Diego.

I got Mole Chicken and it was really fantastic.

Todd got the carnitas plate and loved it as well.

They gave us two huge handmade tortillas, which came in this cute blue tin container.

I told you the tortillas was HUGE!  We shared one and didn’t even eat it all.

After lunch, we walked down the street to Buffalo Exchange, where we procured some used clothing for cheap. Todd tends to find the best shirts at Buffalo Exchange. I found a pair of yellow skinny cords that actually fit me. I had to get it for $10.
20130325-IMG_0181.JPG (2)_600

Walking around Hillcrest is so fun. There’s so much to see and do.
20130325-IMG_0182.JPG (2)_600

And of course, no trip to Hillcrest would be complete without a visit to our favorite bakery Bread & Cie.  Todd got his favorite Belgian brownie.
20130325-IMG_0185.JPG (2)_600

I got a tiny chocolate ganache cupcake. Just the right amount for me.
20130325-IMG_0186.JPG (2)_600

On Wednesday I got to eat breakfast with my favorite friend Meera at Original Pancake House. Meera and I try to find one-on-one girlfriend time, but it’s difficult because she’s a teacher and I also work. This was spring break week for her, so we got to eat breakfast together for the first time since school started in the fall!  The sad thing was, our waitress took two photos of us and they were both blurry. Never underestimate a steady hand when taking photos, LOL.  BUT, blurry photo is better than NO photo, I say!

Yesterday we went running at Lake Miramar. It was so beautiful and clear out! I tested out a new pair of New Balance WT20v2 Minimus Trail Running Shoe that I bought on Amazon because they were 50% off. I’m usually a Nike girl but I thought I would give it a try.
Unfortunately I don’t like them very much. The shoe is a VERY minimalist shoe that is designed to feel like you’re running with bare feet. Therefore the sole is not very cushioned and is very thin so that you can feel the road/trail. It doesn’t even come with insoles! I like minimalist shoes, but not as minimalist as these. My forefoot got sore from “feeling” the road too much.

The lake was beautiful though! I ran 3 miles and this was about halfway into my run.


Almost all the photos in my post were taken with my iPhone while out and about this week. Loving the great photos and not having to lug my DSLR around! :)


  1. Yumm, the food looks so so yummy!
    I have some Minimus road shoes. I ran about 1/2 a mile in them and my calves were so tight for days. So I am scared to do any real running in them but I love them for working out and just general wear. I think they are super comfy for just walking in.

    1. That's EXACTLY how I feel about these shoes! I ran yesterday and today my calves are so tight!

  2. I love that your honey will pose for pictures while you are out and about. All of that food looks YUMMY!


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