Friday, January 11, 2013

Evalicious | Love You To Pieces

A couple of months ago, Evalicious had a design team call. I was so very excited when I was one of the lucky ones chosen to work with Eve’s fantastic products for the January to June 2013 term. I have loved Evalicious’ unique mini books (art journals), tags, journaling cards, and button flairs for a long time. In fact, my Love You mini album was made from one of Eve’s love art journals that she had for sale in 2011. I credit Evalicious with sparking my interest in working with paper scrapbooking again, after doing digital for four years. :)

So when my first design team box came a couple of weeks ago, I let out some huge squeals.
Yes, there was a heap of lovely items in there! And by a heap, I mean enough flair buttons to cover my entire body with them. (No, I didn’t really try.) And by a heap, I mean seriously some of the BEST deeply etched rubber stamps I’ve ever seen. I was, quite literally, sitting on the ground, smiling ear to ear, and squealing here and there. Todd can attest.

So, it is with great enthusiasm that I tell you that the Evalicious shop update is TODAY. Yes, you can run over to the Evalicious shop and grab some of the goodies for yourself. There is a Love You To Pieces art journal that I think will make a great Valentine’s gift for someone special. In fact, let me show you a sneak peek of a page that I made using just stuff that are part of the mini album kit.

There are new collections that are perfect for Project Life scrapbooking: Real Life, and Love You Lots. I will be using some new Evalicious goodies to complete my first couple of pages of Project Life.  AND of course, you really need to pick up some of the awesome stamps. They are made of deeply etched rubber and stamp wonderfully. They come with mounting cling foam so you can stick them onto your acrylic block, stamp, and peel them off and store them. 

Be sure to follow the Evalicious blog for inspiration, tutorials, and sneak peeks from the design team!


  1. Congratulations Christine, how awesome! I linked over and the new stuff is awesome. Babz510

  2. Your Mini book made me choke up. What a great idea.

  3. Tee-hee! I think I can still hear you squealing [with joy] from way over here ;-)

  4. Congratulations! That is so awesome!

  5. So exciting, you are going to make me want all her goodies more than I do now! Can't wait to see your fun projects!

  6. "And by a heap, I mean enough flair buttons to cover my entire body with them."


    Love your sense of humor! Makes me smile.

  7. I popped over to Evalicious's blog and I just wanted to say that your mini album is GORGEOUS!!


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