Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Everyday Storyteller Blog Hop & Giveaway!

*Giveaway contest now closed.  Winner will be announced shortly!*

Hi Everyone!  Welcome to my stop on the Everyday Storyteller Blog Hop!
Today I want to share a bonus tip with you, related to my contribution to the Everyday Storyteller e-book.  Blogging your everyday stories is a form of storytelling and memory-keeping.  I like to keep track of which photos and stories I want to blog about by creating a virtual collection in Lightroom. 
This way, all my blog photos are in one place and I can see at a glance the next few topics/events I would like to write about on my blog.  If you don’t have Lightroom, you can use the application that you organize your photos with to do the same thing.  Or simply create a folder on your computer for blog photos and topics.

Please join us for the Everyday Storyteller Launch Party on Friday, May 4th, at 8:30PM CDT by signing up for a VIP invitation.  There will be more than $700 in prizes given away from our sponsors during the party!

And in case you haven't seen the trailer for the book, here's some amazing snippets!

And now for the fun part!  I’m giving away a copy of the Everyday Storyteller e-book here on my blog!  If you win, you will receive the book before it is available to the general public.  Simply comment ONCE in this blog post and I will select a random winner.  Contest closes at 11:59pm CDT on Tuesday, May 1st.  I will announce the winner shortly thereafter.

And now hop on to the next contributor on the blog hop list!
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