Thursday, April 5, 2012

In March…


  • I ran 35 miles (on my way towards my goal of 366 miles in 2012) - it was less than the 41 miles I ran in January, more than the 33 miles in February, and enough to keep me on pace to achieve my goal. 
  • On top of running, I only walked 6 miles.  That’s pretty woeful considering I walked 17 miles in February, mainly consisting of 5 minute walking breaks at work!
  • Went to gym class twice and did “30 Day Shred” once.
  • I spent 13 hours and 22 minutes exercising.  My least number of hours in a month so far in 2012.
  • We cooked 16 meals at home.
  • I lost zero pounds.
  • But, I had a weight-loss epiphany and started cutting back sugar and simple carbs at the end of the month. 
  • Todd ran 42 miles.
  • Todd biked 235 miles.
  • Todd swam 9 miles.
  • Todd completed the Ironman California 70.3.  He’s a total stud. 
  • We took 707 photos.
  • I didn’t read as much as I would have liked.  I finished “Georgia Bottoms” the day I went to jury duty.
  • I went to jury duty but didn’t get picked for a trial.
  • Movies watched:  “Moneyball”, “Hunger Games”, and “The Muppets”.
  • I journaled online daily at Oh Life 31 times.  Haven’t missed a day this year.
  • I journaled in my Moleskine daily planner 31 times.
  • I went to see a sports medicine specialist doctor about my right leg IT band.  I got referred to physical therapy, but haven’t gone yet.
  • I wore a headband to interval gym class, and Susan laughed at me because I looked ridiculous.  I didn’t care.  It’s utilitarian. 
  • I went to my primary care physician about my left nostril bleeding, and he cauterized my nose!  After that my nose wouldn’t stop running for hours, but the bleeding stopped.
  • I finished four more weeks of Project Life in my album.
  • I celebrated a birthday.  Todd took me to dinner at Urban Solace.  Afterwards we had the Trinity Chocolate Cake at Heaven Sent Desserts.
  • We had Ethiopian/Abyssinian food for the first time ever. 
  • I learned more things I could do with my Silhouette, it’s awesome.
  • We snuggled with Noodle a lot.
  • Todd planned a combined baby(ies) shower at work for Julie, and for Ken’s twins.  He got catering from El Nopalito and everyone loved it!
  • Our friends Cass & Pete gave birth to their daughter.
  • I visited Sally at her house two weeks before her scheduled c-section.  Took some photos of her and had lunch.
  • Sally had her twin babies and named them John and Nina.
  • Todd brought soup to our friends Yaiza & Karsten, who had a baby in January.
  • I bought a few wines at World Market.  I don’t know much about wines and I’m new at it, but I liked the Barefoot Moscato.
  • Todd won a Toastmasters speech contest and now he gets to compete at the next level in April.
  • We saw Bela Fleck & The Flecktones at Anthology.
  • I went on a Girls Night Out cooking class with some friends and made Spanish tapas. 
  • Todd’s mom got us tickets to the Titanic Exhibition for my birthday.  We took a day off on a Monday and went to breakfast at Crest Café, followed by the exhibition. 
  • I had lunch with my favorite friend Meera.
  • Our Ohio State Buckeyes made it all the way to the Final Four in the NCAA basketball tournament, losing to Kansas in the semi-finals.
  • We had dinner with AJ & Meera and the kids at Smashburger, then hung out at our house playing Mario Kart afterwards.
  • Time flies when you’re busy or having fun!  Three months of 2012 down already!


    1. Sounds busy and fun--and full of achieved goals!

    2. Love seeing all the photos in one place. :)

    3. I love your lists! I do a monthly round up thanks to Katie the scrapbook lady. However I like you list layout look too!

      Oh and yes you were super busy!

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