Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Favorite Kind Of Day

Todd had the day off for President’s Day on Monday 2/20.  For my company it wasn’t one of the six official holidays, so I took a floating holiday so we could spend the day together.  Every day where we spend the whole day together is my favorite kind of day! 

Todd had asked me the day before if I wanted to go out for breakfast and I had said no.  But right when I woke up on that Monday, I wanted to go out for breakfast!  We only seem to go out for breakfast on holidays.  I remembered that last year we went to Original Pancake House on both Memorial Day and Labor Day.  So I wanted to continue the tradition of going out for breakfast on special days off.  One of the reasons we don’t go out for breakfast as much, is because Todd is not a breakfast food fan.  He hates eggs and cheese, so there’s that.  He does like waffles and potatoes though.  Another reason for not going out for breakfast is our workout schedules.  We usually run on Saturday mornings, and Todd goes for his long bike ride on Sunday mornings.  That leaves no room for a big breakfast out.

So on President’s Day we had decided to go to Hash House A Go-Go in Hillcrest because it’s famous for breakfast but we’d never been there.  We chose Crest Café as the backup (only a couple of blocks away), in case it was too crowded at Hash House A Go-Go.  It was a good thing we had chosen a backup, because when we walked up to Hash House, the front of the restaurant was completely packed with people waiting to get in.  And by that time we were very hungry already.  And a hungry listgirl is a grouchy listgirl!  We walked a couple of blocks over and saw the Crest Café.  I had seen this restaurant featured on the local PBS show “Wonderland” before, so I knew it was good. 

We walked in and it was full, but they found us a small table and we didn’t have to wait!  Yay! 

Their breakfast menu was extensive.
They’re famous for their stuffed French toast.  They have items like Orange Marmalade French Toast stuffed with a special blend of cream cheese, orange marmalade, nutmeg and cinnamon. Served with orange syrup.  But alas, the Hangover Omelette was calling my name. 
Jalepeños, avocado, spicy chicken sausage and jack cheese inside, topped with chimichurri sauce.  With English muffins and home fries.  I took one bite of my omelette and realized how special it was.  I haven’t had an omelette this good in years, I’m serious.  The chimichurri sauce is the highlight for sure.  A little tangy, a little spicy, a little nutty.  It was perfect.  And Todd loved that he got to eat some of my potatoes.  The omelette was huge, so I saved half of it to eat for breakfast the next day too!  And I had a bottomless cup of very good coffee too.  It was divine.

Todd ordered the Macadamia Banana Belgian Waffle.
Waffle mixed with macadamia nuts and topped with caramelized bananas.  Todd loved it!  The caramelized bananas totally made it.  We loved the Crest Café and will definitely go back on a special breakfast date again sometime!

After breakfast, we walked a block over and went shopping at Buffalo Exchange, a used clothing store where you can bring items to sell, get store credit, and shop.  Todd got a couple of shirts here.  He loves getting button down shirts here, because for some reason they fit his lean physique and super-long arms.  He can always find a shirt that fits him here.

A visit to Hillcrest would not be complete without a stop at Todd’s favorite bakery, Bread & Cie.  We got a red velvet cupcake to share later, and Todd got two of his favorite brownies to go.

They also have a ton of awesome bread made in-house and fresh.  Mmm… 

After the bakery we walked back to our car and drove to Balboa Park.  We got out and went for a walk.  Todd had seen this fenced in area for dogs to go off-leash when he went on a scavenger hunt with his company last year, so we went there to look at the cute dogs playing and running.  Then we walked around more.  Balboa Park is awesome. 

Then it was time for a light lunch.  Due to my big breakfast, I felt like eating a salad without meat.  So we drove up to Croutons and I got a small Sundance salad.  I had actually never been there before.  Todd has been because it’s close to his work.

Todd got a Balsamic Chicken salad.  He only ate half of it because he was still full from breakfast.

Cheers for a wonderful day spent together, exploring new places and going to old favorites!

I just love spending time with Todd no matter what we do.  And I love exploring my own San Diego.  :)


  1. We will have to check out these places to eat next time we are in San Diego.

  2. All these foodie places I need to try in SD. What you really need to do is a post about your top five or ten places visitors need to try when they visit SD


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