Monday, March 26, 2012

2012 Project Life | Week 11

I ended up doing Week 11 and Week 12 at the same time this past weekend.  Week 11 was full of events.  I visited my good friend Sally who was pregnant with twins and on bedrest (and who has since given birth to healthy babies!).  Todd won a Toastmasters speech contest.  I celebrated a birthday.  We went to see Bela Fleck in concert at Anthology.  And I went to a Girls Night Out cooking class.  I had a TON of photos from all these events in ONE week.  I felt lost and overwhelmed.  At first I was going to include an extra Design G insert for my birthday photos.  Then I just got overwhelmed with the amount of photos, journaling, and memorabilia that I just stalled and didn't do anything.  It was not a good feeling.  It caused me a lot of anxiety about whether to continue with Project Life.  I find that I'm spending 5-6 hours every weekend doing Project Life.  It's not how I envision spending my weekends.  Besides my full time job and various activities, I simply cannot afford to spend this much time (almost half my weekend!) doing Project Life, no matter how much I love the results.  I'm at a loss as to whether I should continue doing Project Life when it takes me so long.  And before you say it's worth it to preserve memories, I've already got that covered with daily Oh Life journaling and my blog.  So, if anyone has any ideas on how to get a week of Project Life done in 2 hours, PLEASE share in the comments.  I would love to know.

Two-page spread for the week.  I ended up deciding to eliminate a lot of photos and just went with a few to highlight the week.

Left-side page.  I got some new stamps from Catslife Press and Paper Source and I enjoyed using them.

For the week's title page, I stamped the "Awesome" polaroid frame onto vellum paper with black ink.  Waited for it to dry, then cut the frame out and adhered it over the photo of my birthday drink.  The little "Week 11" ticket I designed myself in the Silhouette software and printed and had the Silhouette cut the tickets out. 

Here were the ticket strips printed and cut out, still on the Silhouette cutting mat.  I designed them all myself.

The tickets have perforated cuts in between them, just like a real strip of tickets would.  I took them off the cutting mat one strip at a time.

And here they all are!  Pretty fun and I love them!  You will definitely see these in my Project Life album often.

Photo of me and Sally, and some journaling.

Journaling about Todd's speech contest, and also about my birthday.  I used stamps and banners to decorate plain gridded Project Life journal cards

Right-side page.

I adhered the special menu at Anthology for the Bela Fleck concert, plus the printed tickets, to a gray American Craft 4x6 cardstock.  I love using these 4x6 cardstock because I don't have to cut them down to stick them into my Project Life album.  I have them in white and neutral colors.

"Fabulous" journal card from Smash Pad:  Blank edition.  Right side is another blank grid journal card decorated with my favorite graph washi tape, the ticket I designed and cut, and more stamps from Catslife Press.  (All product links are at the end of the post.) 

I love this photo collage of all the dishes we made at our Girls Night Out:  Tapas Party cooking class! 

That's it for Week 11.  Like I said, if you have any suggestions for me to speed up my Project Life process, I would love to hear it in the comments.  I would love to continue with Project Life, but I definitely can't be spending 5-6 hours every weekend doing this.  It leads to resentment and stops being fun.

2012 Project Life | Week 11 Supplies

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