Monday, February 27, 2012

He’s A Tough Mudder

Todd completed the Tough Mudder race yesterday, running 11 miles and going through over 20 intimidating obstacles, including crawling under barbed wire, jumping into deep water from two stories high, and carrying a log up and down a hill. I did not go with him because it was an hour away and the course was not spectator friendly, not to mention that they charged $20-$40 per spectator, depending on when you registered and paid your fee for spectating.  He brought along our waterproof Olympus camera and got some great photos.  He blogged about his Tough Mudder experience on his blog.  I’m so proud of him!  :)


  1. So you weren't there, yet there's lots of photos of Todd??? Which begs the question, who took 'um? That last one is ace!!!! Congrats Todd!

  2. Exciting! I'm doing the Tough Mudder in No.Cal. at the end of September! I'm scared but really excited too.
    I'm lucky that one of my friends who is a professional photographer has registered to be a spectator and will be taking pictures for our team! I can't wait to have the whole thing behind me. LOL :)

  3. Todd makes it look so easy! He always has a big smile on his face!! Congrats, Todd!


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