Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Few Favorites

It has been quite a whirlwind the last week, filled with lots of activities.  Some of them deserve their own blog post, but I’ll mention a few here.


Noodle did a couple of cute/funny things this week.  First, on Saturday morning I found him just laying on the tile by the stairs.

I think he just does this when he’s a little bit warm.  The cold tile feels good?

Then later this week, on Tuesday night, Todd picked him up and he stuck his paw into Todd’s front pocket.  So funny!  And I just love this photo.


On Saturday, I went to visit one of my best friends Sally.  We’ve been friends since we were 12.  And yea, that’s a long time ago!  She is 35 weeks pregnant with twins and on bed rest.  But she managed to stand a few minutes for some photos.
I took some more photos of just her.  And of her and her dad.  I’ve taken some maternity photos of her 3-4 times during her pregnancy.  Happy to help her document it!  Babies will be here soon!


On Tuesday after work, I drove to see Todd in a Toastmasters district speech contest.  He has been in Toastmasters since 2006, yet I had actually never seen him make a speech live!  I was excited to see Todd's speech. 

Shannon, Victoria, and Dejah were there and greeted me.  Victoria was competing in the Table Topics contest, and Shannon and Dejah were ballot counters.

The Table Topics went first and Victoria totally killed it.  She was SO good at impromptu speeches!  I was amazed. 

She got her certificate of participation first.
And she ended up winning the Table Topics contest. 

Then the first speech was done by this man named Ryan.  He was good and talked about facing your fears with preparation. 

Then it was Todd's turn.  He got up there and totally killed it!  He did his speech "Hey, Tough Guy" about his Tough Mudder experience, and it was hilarious and awesome. 


I loved it!  But I was unsure if he would win, because I thought the other guy was good too, and I just wasn't sure what the judges looked for.  During the ballot counting, Todd got his certificate of participation.

When they announced the runner up and it was the other guy, I was elated!  Yay Todd, he won!  So proud of him!  Now he gets to go to the next level of competition in April!

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  1. Dalyla frequently asks if we can call Noodle's mom to see if we can come visit him. :)


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