Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ten Things | September 2011

What better way to sum up September than to do it with a list? I think this may become a regular monthly post... maybe! :)

 Ten Things | September 2011

  1. Completed 30 Days of Lists (all the lists are blogged, although I have not updated my SMASH journal with all the lists yet)
  2. Watched a lot of football
  3. Went on a 5-day trip to Ohio to visit Todd's family
  4. Planned future trips/vacations
  5. Got really busy at work with 2012 budgets
  6. Didn't exercise nearly enough
  7. Finished the book "The Handmade Marketplace", and made progress on "Geography of Bliss"
  8. Probably ate too much
  9. Got the jacuzzi working again
  10. Bought a lot of craft supplies, but didn't get a lot of crafting done


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