Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jump For An Awesome Weekend

We’ve had a restful and productive weekend (that seems to be a contraction, doesn’t it).  On Friday night we watched our DVR’ed episode of Revenge.  Then we used our backyard jacuzzi (so glad that we got it working again).

Saturday morning we slept ‘till 8am.  Woke up and watched ESPN College Gameday, which is our favorite kind of fall Saturday morning.  Then we went running at the coast.  The sky was completely clear and blue, and the temperature was in the low 70’s.  It was gorgeous and amazing.

Todd and I played leapfrog as I ran ahead of him and he took a photo of me.

Then he ran ahead and I took a photo of him.

Midway stop to watch surfers walk by.

On the way back, we decided to walk on the beach instead.  And jump for joy at the gorgeous weather and scenery.




We finished off the beach walk with some pizza and salad at our favorite pizzeria in San Diego, Bongiornos.  We brought some pizza home to eat for dinner when we watched our OSU Buckeyes play Nebraska for the first time in the Big Ten conference.  Let’s just say the weather and the beach was better than the Buckeye game.  At least that was true for the second half of the game.  If only you could just copy and paste the first half of the game into the second half.  The Buckeyes lost in a catastrophic second half full of incompetence on both defense and offense, which was the exact  opposite of the first half.  Losing is not our favorite.  But we made up for that by making homemade salted caramel ice cream later in the evening.  This was the second time we’ve made it and it’s just as delicious as ever!  :)

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  1. Gilbert and I thought of you two while we watched (and winced) at that game. So sorry. We're hooked on 'Revenge' at work...glad I'm not the only one in PQ who watches it :-)


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