Friday, October 7, 2011

National Noodle Day

Some time in the morning yesterday, Todd found out it was National Noodle Day.  Of course we had to celebrate it, because noodles is my favorite food, and our cat is named Noodle.

So I came home from work to find Todd giving Noodle some well-deserved extra attention.  It was his day after all.  BTW, Noodle’s not very modest.




Then, we headed to Santouka to slurp up some real Japanese ramen noodles.  I love a bowl of real ramen.  Todd could take it or leave it, but he went with me, being the sweet guy that he is.

So so good on a cold day like yesterday!  (Yes, I even wore a sweater.)

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  1. Hahahaha ... it may have been the foods national day, but I think the feline version is way cuter & deserves it's own day too!!!


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