Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ole for Tapas

I spent Sunday (10/9) afternoon and early evening with two of my long-timer friends Lara and Sally.  We have been friends since 7th grade in Walnut Creek, California.  It’s sheer coincidence that all three of us live in San Diego now, except Lara is moving to Hawaii next month, which makes me a little sad. 

We planned a little girls outing to go to the newly re-located Café Sevilla downtown in the San Diego Gaslamp district.  Lara and I carpooled down and met up with Sally.  Turned out that there was a car show in the street that afternoon.  I saw General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard!
And the sheriff of Hazzard County…

More cars lined both sides of the street.

I really enjoy spending time downtown in the Gaslamp District.  Took a photo of Lara & Sally in front of the Gaslamp arch.

We walked around a little bit and enjoyed the sights.  It was a gorgeous afternoon with blue skies and temps in the 70’s.

The three of us went shopping at Cost Plus World Market, where Lindt chocolate was one sale for half off.  DANGEROUS!  We all bought chocolates, ha ha!  They already have Christmas decorations and ornaments for sale!  Around 4:30, we headed to Café Sevilla for a little happy hour and some Spanish tapas! 

Lara got a sangria.  I was driving so I didn’t have any alcohol.  Sally didn’t have any alcohol for a different reason.  Can you guess why? :p 

Boy this tapas trio of potatoes, garlic shrimp, and sausages was awesome!

Our waitress took a photo of the three of us.

Sardines!  These were lemony-tasty!

Olive bread… yum!  It came with two dips and they were both excellent.

Empanada Trio… there was chicken, mushroom, and a chorizo & cheese one.

The highlight of the place was the bathroom, LOL.  Check us out in the mirror.  Behind us were the stalls with the doors all painted. 

The sink had rocks in it! 
It was an unforgettable evening with my good friends.  I’ll treasure this memory forever, sniff.  Lara is moving next month to Hawaii.  Sally’s life is about to change in a big way.  But I’ll always remember the three of us on our night out at Café Sevilla.  Three friends who met each other long, long ago in 7th grade, and continued their friendship for three decades after that.  Ole to old friends!  And here’s to many more years of friendship between us.

PS – circa 1988


  1. Christine, I envy you with so many hs friends near by. Unfortunately my closest hs friends have spread themselves to different states. I don't know when we will all be together in one state again. We always talk about getting the families together for a vegas or disneyland trip, but it is so hard to coordinate everyone's schedules. Too bad that Lara is moving away. I love the hs photo of the 3 of you. The demin jacket and hairstyles remind me of me and my friends. On the tapas topic, love tapas but haven't found a really good tapas restaurant here in Hawaii. I think I'll pass on the sardines.

  2. Yay~!! What a great day that was! I haven't had such yummy food in a long time - but its the company I really treasured. I love your bloggin! Can't wait to get the pics too. And that bathroom shot cracks me up!! I love you both and, as sad as I am to be losing Lara to a distant land - I'm every grateful to have you so near!!!! -Sally


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