Sunday, April 10, 2011

Todd Ran a Trail Race

Todd ran the Xterra Black Mountain 15K Trail Race today. He signed up for it a couple of months ago. Since then, he's been training for his bike race in May more so than running. The longest he's run in the last couple of months was five miles, and that was back in February. However, because he's so awesome, he had no problems running a hilly 15K trail run. They even lied. Turns out it wasn't really 15K (or 9.3 miles), it was more like 9.75 miles.

I arrived at the finish line a few minutes before finding Todd coming up the last big hill.

Now he has one more race medal that I don't have. :)

Our friend Anne also ran the race.

You can read Todd's race account here, and Anne's race review here on her blog.


  1. Thanks for being so supportive, Christine. And for sharing your photos. I'd have mistaken you for an official photographer too, but I don't think I'd have the nerve to ask for a picture :-).

  2. If I had those views...I'd consider running. I just said CONSIDER. Doesn't mean I would! LOL


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