Monday, April 25, 2011

A Glympse of Todd

On Saturday Todd went on a 55 mile training bike ride. It was his longest bike ride ever! We made plans to meet at the Potato Shack for brunch, midway through his ride. Todd rode his bike from our house around 9:15am. He estimated that he would ride to Carlsbad and then turn around and go back to Encinitas to meet up with me at the Potato Shack. That was approximately 35 miles. So we tentatively set the meet up time at 11:30am. I was supposed to drive to Potato Shack, go for a run, then return to Potato Shack and meet Todd.

To further help me see where Todd was on his route, we tried out an app called "Glympse". Glympse is an app for the  iPhone (and other smartphones) where you can share your GPS location on a map with specific people you invite to see you.  He installed Glympse on his iPhone, then sent me an email invite to see his progress. He set it so that I only have a four hour window to see his location on a Google map. So I saw his progress all the way from our house to the 101 North.

Then I got ready and put on my running clothes and drove to Encinitas.  Somehow I miscalculated a little bit, because I had to cut my run short at 17 minutes so that I would arrive at Potato Shack around 11:30am.  However, Todd was running a little late against his estimate, so I waited around for 10 minutes and then I pulled up Glympse on my phone and saw he was only a couple of streets away.  Yay!

We got seated in the shade outside at the Potato Shack, which was windy and a little chilly. I had brought a jacket for myself but forgot to bring one for Todd. He had been riding his bike for 2.5 hours and was cold sitting there. So I went back to my car and grabbed a towel that he could throw on for some warmth.

I had an omelet.

Brunch was very good! After that I drove home and Todd rode the 20 miles home. Later in the afternoon, he helped me put together some white cubbie shelves that we bought at Home Depot.

What are you going to do with the white cubbies, you ask? All will be clear... soon enough! I will finish the project soon and post about it on my blog, when it's completed! :)

For dinner, Todd made an incredible dish that we saw on America's Test Kitchen show on PBS: Thai-Style Chicken with Basil. It was delicious and everything we imagined it would be when we saw it on TV!


  1. What a cool app! I want to get that for my husband the next time he does a marathon but first I have to convince him why he should get an iphone. Your Thai chicken basil dish looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing and making my mouth water.

  2. Oooooh, I've got a cubes shelving unit similar to yours Christine, but mine's from Ikea ... I ♥ them! They're perfect for storing all my 12x12 scrap albums (pre-digi days!) and other "stuff" ... I'm guessing that's what you're gonna be using yours for too?!?!?!


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