Friday, April 15, 2011

Thursday Night Music Club

Last night was like Friday night for Todd and I, since we're taking today off. Funny how you feel less tired after a full work day, when you know you don't have to go to work the next day. :)

So, Todd and I drove down to North Park for dinner. We went to Urban Solace, one of our favorites for modern comfort food. We sat at the bar, and this was our view. So funny! Oh Ron Burgundy.

Todd got hanger steak, while I got grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.

I think I would have liked the grilled sandwich more if it didn't have blue cheese. I didn't read the menu description closely enough. I dislike blue cheese!

I felt all moldy! Ew!

One of the reasons we ate down at Urban Solace in North Park was because it's a couple of blocks walking distance to Claire De Lune, where Todd's friend Lindsey Yung was playing and singing. We hadn't been to Claire De Lune in years!

Claire De Lune is a really cool coffee lounge. It has two-story tall ceilings and velvet couches, a loft, and a stage for music.

The huge blackboard menu.

Cool local art.

Loft seating.

Todd found Lindsey!

Todd took several photos of Lindsey performing. Unfortunately, most were blurry. This was probably the best one.

I guess the lesson learned is that when shooting without flash in low lighting and zooming, we need to have steadier hands or a tripod. :(

After Claire De Lune, we headed to Lestat's to see Todd's other musician friend Jane Lui play. To our surprise, there already was a really long line of people waiting to get into the show. We couldn't find parking and the line was getting longer by the minute. We've been to Lestat's often, so we know there's no way that many people can fit in there, so we regretfully decided to give up and go home. All was not lost though. We had a really awesome evening together, eating out and listening to local music. It was a great Thursday night.

Today we are off work and going on a sea adventure. I will be blogging about it next Wednesday for New 52. :)

Oh, I almost forgot!  I made myself a Listgirl Designs blinkie.  It's on the right sidebar of my blog --->   You can grab it if you want to sport it on your blog or in the forums.  Just right click on it and save it to your computer.  Then upload it to somewhere like, get the link from there, and you're good to go!  :)


  1. the coffee lounge seems to be a wonderful and interesting place! Sure I would like it.

    Great food shots as always... the makes me yummy....especially the scallops - love them

    hope you´ll have a fantastic weekend

  2. What a fun Thursday night. My Thursday nights are spent watching Greys Anatomy and Private Practice.

    And who puts Blue Cheese on a Grilled Cheese sandwich? Not right.

    Grabbing your button!


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