Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New 52 | Week 15: Cooking Scallops

I love to eat sea scallops, especially the fried scallop sandwich at Point Loma Seafoods. But I've never cooked scallops at home. Last week Todd bought me some frozen scallops from Costco. He's such a sweetie. He doesn't eat scallops himself, but bought them for me!

So he found me a recipe from Cooking Light: Pan-Seared Scallops with Bacon and Spinach. Yum! Bacon and scallops? Yes please!

In order for the scallops to sear well, they need to be patted dry with paper-towels. After drying them, I put some sea salt and fresh-cracked black pepper on them.

I cooked the bacon in the iron skillet first. Then I removed them onto a paper towel. Then I seared the scallops with the bacon grease.

I cooked them two and a half minutes on one side, then turned them over and salted and peppered them a little more. Wow, they looked so yummy!

After the scallops were seared and removed from the pan, I put some chopped onions and garlic in the pan. After those cooked, I put some spinach in and turned off the heat.  Then I crumbled the bacon and sprinkled them on top of the spinach.

This was my dinner. I loved every bite! :)

About This Project

New52 is a project started by Peppermint and I to encourage each other and others around us to try something new every week in 2011. The "new" each week doesn't have to be something big. It could be something as simple as ordering a new dish instead of old standbys at your favorite restaurant. It's simply opening your heart up to NEW possibilities.

Don't worry if you're late getting started on joining in. It's totally OK if you miss a week here or there. We encourage everyone to keep an open mind about trying something new. This is a life project, and a photography/blog and even scrap challenge if you wish. If you participate this week, please leave a link to your blog post in the link list below. You can also post images to our New 52 Flickr Group! We would love to see what you were inspired to do.  


  1. Your scallops looks mouthwatering!

  2. LOVE THIS! Scallops and bacon = WINNING! Dying to taste them. Can you email me your leftovers? ;o) Forget the ramen slaw, all about this! haha

  3. YUM! Good for you and the new stuff in the kitchen!

  4. I'm not a scallop fan, but David is. I might borrow this recipe. They really do look good!

  5. I love scallops but suck at cooking them. Thanks for the recipe and I hope to give it another try.

  6. Okay, yum! I just might have to give these a try.

  7. I LOVE scallops and these look amazing. Thank you for all of the inspiration that you provide me - from food to scrapbooking. You are an extraordinary woman Christine!


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