Friday, March 11, 2011

More Years, More Love

I used to worry about getting older, but ever since my mom passed away four years ago, I don't worry about it anymore. Each year is a blessing. I never cease to be amazed and thankful on my birthday, and today was no exception!

I started a new tradition last year of taking a self-portrait on my birthday. Here's my picture for this year.

Shortly after I woke up this morning, Todd escorted me downstairs, where I found our dining table like this.

The shamrocks are See's milk chocolate candies. Todd knows that they're one of my favorite chocolates. When my dad and Shelly got married a few years ago, they gave out heart-shaped See's chocolates and that was when we discovered how good they were. So Todd made a special effort to find them for me. :)

Inside the bags, I found these.

I had seen the architectural book at a bookstore once and mentioned how much I love modern homes, and to combine that with a tropical location is just perfection. He got the book for me! He also got me an Eye-Fi card for my camera. I had been eying that because this 8GB camera SD card is WiFi enabled and allows you to upload your photos to a specified folder on your computer automatically when you're within WiFi range! Not only that, but you could take it to any WiFi enabled spot and upload the photos on the card to Flickr, Facebook, Photobucket, etc. I'm so excited to try it out! Todd also got me a magnifying mirror, because I needed one to pluck my eyebrows, LOL. I loved his gifts. I'm always amazed at how observant he is, and how he gives great gifts.

Back on Saturday, I got text messages from Peppermint, excitedly telling me she bought my birthday gifts and they're arriving piece by piece from Amazon. She said, "It'll be like 12 days of your birthday!" Earlier last week she had IM'ed Todd and asked about stuff I'd want, and he had told her, "Well, she likes experiences". So she gave me gifts that will enhance my life with the new experience of SEWING!

I bought a sewing machine last year and haven't had a chance to play with it yet! This will be so perfect and I can't wait to get some supplies and fabric and make something.

Also last weekend, I got a Facebook message from my blog friend Christi, who asked me for my address so she could send me a birthday gift. I was so surprised! Her gift arrived today.

Isn't it the perfect gift for Listgirl??! I flipped through the book and many of those prompts for lists could totally be made into a scrapbook page! I'm very excited about this! :)

Then, my dad and Shelly, and my sister called to wish me a happy birthday today. I was surprised because my dad almost never remembers my birthday. We had a nice chat and I felt so loved by my family. I felt so loved by my friends too! For every year that I'm alive, there's more love in my life. I'm so blessed and thankful!

I got a card in the mail, and an email from my mother-in-law today. She gave me two tickets to the "Steel Magnolias" show by the Lamb's Player Theater in Coronado. That will be so fun! And it wasn't just the gift. I always love getting emails from her because she expresses how much she loves me and enjoys having me in the Newman family. She's a great mother-in-law.

Then I got many birthday well-wishes from old friends and new friends on Facebook. It's just been a great day.

Todd took me to dinner at Prep Kitchen in Del Mar. We had never been there so I was excited to try the food out. For tonight, Weight Watchers went out the door! :p

My birthday sangria.

The only thing dismaying was that due to low lighting in the restaurant and having only my small P&S Canon, the photos turned out pretty crappy. Oh well.

We ordered two tapas, which were only $3 each during happy hour. The beets and goat cheese.

The fried potatoes with garlic sauce over them. Delicious!

I had the Clams and Linguica Fideus

Todd had the Blue Plate Special, which was Braised Beef Cheeks with potatoes.

I liked my food more than Todd liked his. I also liked my dessert more than he liked his.

I had coconut cake with passion fruit filling.

Todd had nutella banana bread pudding, which sounded like the best dessert ever. But it wasn't sweet enough.

It was really a great birthday, and the celebration doesn't end today! I have more fun planned for this weekend. :)
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