Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kentucky Fried Chicken Karma

For those of you following the NCAA Basketball Tournament, you know that Ohio State played Kentucky on Friday night.  In honor of the occasion, Todd and I decided to get take-out Kentucky Fried Chicken to eat while watching the game.  We had some homemade spinach to offset the chicken, but the chicken really was the main event.

Yes, it's been a while since there's been a "Todd Shot" on the blog, hasn't it?

Upon smelling the fried chicken, Noodle wouldn't leave us alone. So I pulled a little bit of chicken meat off and gave it to him. He begged for more. I really can't have a cat hooked on Kentucky Fried Chicken. It just ain't right.

It turned out that it was bad KENTUCKY fried chicken karma, because Ohio State (the overall #1 seed in the whole tournament, mind you) lost to Kentucky in the last seconds of the game. That was so sad! I would gladly regurgitate the fried chicken if that would have given Ohio State the win.  Bad chicken karma!


  1. Nothing good EVER comes from eating KFC. Lesson learned. :D

  2. Kentucky at the Big Dance...very tough to beat.

    Especially when some Ohio State fans decide to test fate by eating some KFC the night of the game. ;)

    (I try to stay away from KFC because, in the words of Mike Myers, they put something in it that "makes you crave it fortnightly".)


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