Sunday, March 27, 2011

Books, Running, and Cutest Cat Ever

Of course everyone who has a cat says this... but my cat is the cutest one!  EVER!

Yesterday morning he was an intent bird-watcher.

He saw and heard birds outside, and I saw him move his jaws and make that clicking sound that cats make when they're super-excited to see critters!

Yes, little birdies, come to papa!

On Friday we got the sad email that our local Borders bookstore closest to us is closing its doors and having a sale. We've had so many good memories there. We discovered our first favorite local musicians (Jason and Jane) there. We spent many Friday nights in the Borders cafe, reading magazines while sipping tea and sharing a piece of carrot cake. Todd even played several gigs with fellow musicians at Borders. We'll surely miss it. But we had several gift cards that we still needed to use, so we went on Saturday morning to check things out. The store was PACKED! The cafe is already closed. :( We found some items that were on our wishlist, and got into the long line to check out. With the sale, and using up all our gift cards, we only spent $11 and change for all this loot.

I got a Stampington card magazine that normally costs $15, but all magazines are 40% off list price right now.  I also got TWO new journal books, and a 3-pack of little unlined Moleskine notebooks.  Todd got Scientific American, plus five Robin Hobb books, one of his favorite fantasy/sci-fi authors. 

But Christine, you say, what about running? You did eat Kentucky Fried Chicken on Friday night, and I haven't seen you blog about running in a while. What gives? Why yes, it's true that I hadn't been running in THREE weeks! Between the sinus infection headache and then traveling to San Francisco, and being super-busy with my full-time job plus creating new digital scrapbooking products for my two new stores opening on April 1st, I haven't exercised much. :-| So after Borders bookstore, we headed out to the coast of Cardiff and ran our usual favorite route. The weather was gorgeous but a little windy.

After running, we had brunch at Beach City Cafe. I scarfed down the Son Of A Beach sandwich, so no photos. :D

In the afternoon, I worked hard on loading my products into my new digi stores, while my ever-so-helpful husband did the laundry, vacuumed the whole house, washed both cars, cleaned cat litter, cleaned all the toilets, and cooked dinner. Yes, I agree with you, I am the dead weight in the relationship and I totally don't deserve him. He is a total gem and I know it!

After working on the digi stuff for hours, I went upstairs and found this scene on my bed. It was too cute for words, so I ran downstairs and got my camera and snapped away.

Did I already tell you that Noodle loves to cuddle? He's the perfect cat, I tell you!

Perfect. Cuteness. They should really just give him his own prime time show on Animal Planet.

Today I have bills to pay, taxes to do, and we're planning to steam-clean our carpet for the whole house. Lots to do, so little time. Todd is on a 35-mile bike ride at the coast, training for his 66-mile bike race in May. I went to Panera to redeem my FREE pastry and chai latte!

I love the MyPanera Club card. We don't even go to Panera that often, but each time you buy something, you earn points and very soon, you get free stuff! We've only had the card for a few months, and so far we've gotten 3 free pastries and 2 free drinks. Like I said, we don't go that often, so it's almost like every 4th time you go, you get something for free. I really like this reward program.

Now that I'm fueled up for the rest of the day, I'm going to go and get things done! Come back tomorrow for exciting announcements, a sneak peek, and a chance to win my new digi-product!


  1. Great to see you running again.

    One of our Borders stores is or has closed. I got the email about a month ago. It's not close so I didn't go over. There is still one open that is closer to me than the one that is closing. I usually only go to Borders when I get my hair done because there is one across the street. Otherwise Barnes & Noble is closer to me.

  2. Wow! That's a lot of stuff there. Cool! Too bad the place is closing though. From what you have said, I think your cat is awesome. Can you tell I love cats? Noodles is sure lucky to have you two. : )


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