Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Annual Birthday Dinner

Last year I started a tradition of inviting my friends to my birthday dinner celebration, my treat. We couldn't do it on my birthday weekend last weekend because we were in San Francisco for my cousin's movie premiere, so we had my birthday dinner this past Sunday at Jasmine Restaurant. All my invited friends came except for Anne and Gilbert, because Anne had a previous engagement, and Sally had to back out the last minute because she got sick. She was totally bummed!

Our friend AJ and his son Andon, then Monika, then me.

Dejah and Roby, Meera and baby Keiji, and then me in the corner.

I love Chinese-style lobster stir-fried with ginger and scallions! We got a 2.5 pounder.

Chicken corn egg-drop soup.

Cod filet with vegetables.

Pepper steak with walnut shrimp in the back.

Fried oysters

String beans with pork.

Mustard greens.

We also ordered chicken lo mein, because it's Chinese tradition to have noodles for your birthday. Long noodles signify long life. But I was too busy eating to take a photo of it. Also missing photos is the sweet red bean soup at the end.

Dinner was fantastic! I was so excited to eat, LOL. No Weight Watchers for me on Sunday. We ate the big spread family-style, with a lazy susan in the middle of the table.

Todd brought a sampling of different dessert bars he got from Pannikin. All delicious!

I had lots of fun with my friends! This is definitely a tradition that I want to continue every year! :)

Oh, and Monika brought Domo to the dinner. Domo brought a gift for me. Isn't Domo nice?


  1. The food looks so good. I'm going to be all over that noodle thing on my birthday. LOL

    I love your reflection in the first picture. Actually you look so happy in all of the photos.

    I'm glad you had such a great birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday again! The food was so good! Your pictures make it look even better! How did Domo not make this blog? :-O

  3. I am so sorry we couldn't make it this year. Everyone looks like they had a great time, which, of course, they would with you and Todd as hosts. Next year, ... I promise.

    And may all those noodles bring you the best of luck, not to mention the Noodle at home that also warms your heart.

  4. All the food looks delicious, whenever I try taking photos of food (especially in restaurants) it never looks a good as I hope ... what's your secret? Oh & cute gift from Domo, hand-crafted goodies no doubt?!?!?!

  5. OMGoodness, the photos are making me drool - we don't have good Chinese food in my area, so my family and I are ravished when we visit CA! Every single thing looks sooooooo yummy.


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