Thursday, March 3, 2011

Breaking Out of Scrapbooking Rut

For a while there I wasn't scrapbooking very much. It wasn't because I didn't want to. It seemed like I was at a loss creatively. I'd put some things onto a page, move them around, and nothing looked good. How did I break out of my scrapbooking rut? By not scrapbooking. By giving myself a break and not put pressure on myself to create. By doing lots of other things that inspired me. I took photos with my new camera. I read magazines and books. I wrote in my journal. I knitted and crocheted. I organized my desk. Then I made a list. :) I made a list of things to do on a scrapbook page. I thought if I just incorporated one or two of the ideas I wrote down on my list, then at least I had ideas I could concentrate on each page I tried to create.

Things to do on a scrapbook page:
  • Vary the size of fonts in titles
  • Vary the size of alphas in titles
  • Hand-write journaling
  • Use stitching
  • Use photoshop brushes
  • Vary the size of elements on a page
  • Use thought/speech bubbles
  • Place a title sideways
  • Do the layout, then tilt everything at an angle, except the background paper
  • Journal around the layout border
  • Put white borders around all the photos
  • Crop photos in interesting ways
  • Use doodled borders
Those are just some of the things I thought of.  Things I sometimes forget to use on pages, but I always like when I see other people use them.

I also read a great article by Ali Edwards called "Breaking Out of a Creative Rut".  It's a guest post here on Kelly Rae Roberts' blog.


  1. I enjoyed reading about some of your ideas to get out of a creative rut. I'll have to try some of those things. As for me, I turn to a template or search in my "favorites" in the galleries for some inspiration to set my tush on fire.

  2. I'm soooo there! I've been laying low in the digi scene too. Just not inspired to do much of ANYTHING right now. I'm ready for spring. You know how long Michigan winters can be! Anywho...missed ya and wanted you to know I did!


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