Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

On Friday I had lunch with my friend Julio, whom I haven't seen in 3-4 years! We used to work together, until he left to go work for the City of San Diego. He had sent me a text message on Thanksgiving to wish me and Todd a Happy Thanksgiving. So I emailed back and got back in touch with him and set up a lunch. It was fun to catch up since we hadn't talked in so long. He is now the finance manager in charge of a whole department of financial analysts who do the whole $3B City of San Diego annual fiscal budget! And to think, I was one of the people interviewing him for his first finance job way back in 2000. Sniff, I'm so proud.

On Saturday morning we both slept in and didn't do the 3-mile run with our running group. We both still felt under the weather, so sleeping in felt really good. We didn't run, but we decided to go for a walk on the coast of Encinitas. The weather was really nice, but we had heard that rain (and lots of it!) is coming this week, so we thought we would enjoy it while it was good.


After our walk, we went to eat salad and pizza at our favorite pizza place, Bongiornos. I hadn't been in a long while, but Todd was just there last week with his coworkers. Todd has the uncanny ability to eat the same food that he likes every day, and never get sick of it.

Then we went back home and hung out on the couch and watched NFL football playoffs and napped. I can't really remember the last time that I hung out on the couch that much. I guess it took being sick to slow me down, but I actually really enjoyed it. It was so leisurely, something I haven't felt in a while. And I read books. I finished the second Sookie Stackhouse book.

After dinner, we cleaned up and then Anne and Gilbert picked us up for movie night at MCAS Miramar base. Gilbert is a veteran so we got to go to the movies at the base with him and Anne. I had only gone to the Miramar Marine base once before for an air show. The movie theater was huge and cavernous. It seats 1,500 people! I didn't bring my camera because I wasn't sure if I was allowed. We settled into our seats after Todd got his usual popcorn and a drink. We watched "The Blindside" and it was really good! We had wanted to watch the movie, so I was glad when we looked at the schedule and they were showing it at the base. It was a cool experience for sure, hopefully we can go again.  BTW, for those of you old enough to remember... Miramar used to be a Navy Air Station until 1996.  It used to house the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School and its TOP GUN training program. 

Today we were going to go to church in the morning, but we were both coughing still and we thought it best to stay home and watch our church on the internet.  Then we went to lunch at Brett's BBQ, where I tried the baby back ribs for the first time.  It was good, but not worth the price.  Then we came home and watched the Chargers lose to the NY Jets in the NFC divisional playoffs.  That was incredibly sad.  I thought the Chargers were better than that.  I mean, seriously, the Jets??  Sad.

Todd made Fresh Tomato, Sausage, and Pecorino Pasta tonight for dinner.  It was quite yummy!


  1. Hey, is that cheese on that pizza? It must have been your slice. LOL

  2. Glad you had a good time Saturday night. Yes - we'll definitely go back for another movie.

  3. So sorry about the Chargers...

    Hope you are feeling better. I missed church on Sunday, too. Nasty head cold. I don't like being sick..all I want to do is eat and whine.

    And...oh yeah, I remember Miramar...saw Top Gun like a kazillion times. I was a huge Tom Cruise fan until he got weird. You know you getting older when your teenage heart-throb has a mid-life crisis :D.

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I'm always a little nervous about entering challenges.

  4. What a fun weekend! Beautiful weather too!

    That sushi looked really yummy. I wish we had a good pizza place around here. We used to have this awesome place that wasn't a chain, but they closed the location closest to us. Booo...

    Hey--I went running today! I hope I'm not paying for it tomorrow!!

  5. are so very cool!


  6. So fun to meet up with an old work-mate! It is a little strange; we spend a lot of time together at work, but most of my colleagues I don't know anything about outside work.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Saturday too.

    Hope you both get better soon!


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