Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fourteen Hours

That's how much I worked yesterday. 
And the day before that, I worked 10 hours.  And the day before, another 10 hours.  Things have been pretty crazy at work.  January is usually my busiest month of the year, but it is out of the park this year.  I have six new accounts that I have to do account reconciliations for.  I have a big budget gap, so I have to find a lot of money to save.  And then I had some computer problems too. 

I was going to post some cool daily life type of photos and talk about some fabulous new spices and recipe yesterday, but since I worked until 11pm, I didn't get to it.  The last thing I wanted to do was spend more time on the computer!  :p  Tonight, I hope to blog and scrap.  Doing it for myself, that makes me happy.  In the near future, I will also have a post about scrapping motivations.

Now, I must get ready for work.  Again.


  1. You deserve a relaxing weekend!

  2. you are really busy - hope you´ll find some relaxing time at the weekend
    take care of you

  3. I've been crazy busy at work too. It gets exhausting. I hope you get your chance to scrap tonight. :)


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